Daily English Challenge — Thursday, May 20, 2009

Hi everyone,

Thanks, Loan, for the good piece. Your writing is very good, as you can see the minor corrections when comparing it with my version below.

I will have Loan’s writing here. And then my version, basically just correcting Loan’s mistakes, which are minor in general.

Loan’s version

Hi everyone !

I’m very glad when I tell you about my on Sunday

On Sunday, I often get up late, at 7 o’clock. I brush my teeths, wash my face .
After I have breakfast with my family.my mother is very good cooker. Following, I help my mother do the homeworks,go to the market and repair to have lunch.
After have lunch with my family, I take a nap about 1h.
In the afternoon, I usually go out in order to shopping, eating and drink with my friends.
At 5 o’clock, I go for a walk around in the park.
After have dinner. I usually go to the cinema with my sister and brother. Sometime, I go out with my family.at that time , I feel comfortable .the film is finished, I return at home.i go to bed at half past ten.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


My version

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to tell you about my Sundays.

On Sundays, I often get up late, at 7 o’clock. I brush my teeth and wash my face. After that, I have breakfast with my family. My mother is a very good cook. Then, I help my mother do chores, go to the market with her, and then help her prepare the lunch.

After having lunch with my family, I take a nap for about an hour.

In the afternoon, I usually go out shopping, eating, and having some soft drinks with my friends. At 5 o’clock, I go for a walk around in the park.

After dinner, I usually go to the cinema with my sister and brother. Sometimes, I go out with my family. I feel very comfortable going out with the entire family. When the film is finished, I return home. I go to bed at half past ten.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

OK, let me explain some words.

• Please look at the commas and periods carefully.

• Paragraphs: Breaking the writing out into paragraphs will make it easier to read.

• “A cooker” is a cooking machine, like an electric rice cooker. A cook is a person who does the cooking. A chef is a cook.

* “Homework” is for what you have to do at home for school. Works around the house are “house chores,” or “household chores,” or simply “chores.”

• “I usually go out to shop, eat, and drink” can be written as “I usually go out shopping, eating, and drinking.”

• But “drink” or “drinking” usually means drinking alcohol to Westerners. So it is better just to say “I go out to shop and eat,” or “I go out shopping, eating, and having some soft drinks.”

• If we say “I help mother go to the market” it will sound like the mother can’t walk.

• “After I have dinner” can be lightened as “After having dinner” or simply “After dinner.”


If you have not had this experience already, you may soon—a foreign tourist you have just met becomes your friend, and you want to show him the town.

So you take him on your motorcycle (or both of you take a taxi), going through several main streets of the town, to show him interesting places.

Of course, you have to explain to him a little about each place.

So, can you write down what you tell him as a tour guide?


“I am making a right turn onto Tran Hung Dao. This is the main street of downtown. This old building here, on our left, used to be a cinema, but it has been empty for several years. I heard that some investor is going to turn it into a hotel soon.

And that Buddhist temple over there, it is called Chua Buu Hoang and is the oldest temple in our city. It was built in the 17 century and has beautiful old statues inside.

And this bridge is called Uyen Nhu brige. It is the name of the daughter of the man who built the bridge in the 17th century. He was a very high ranking government official.”

All right, everyone. That is an example of you playing tour guide.

Could you do that? Just imagine you have a visiting foreign friend. What will you tell him on a tour of the city?

Have a great day!


Một suy nghĩ 3 thoughts on “Daily English Challenge — Thursday, May 20, 2009”

  1. Coming to DakLak province , BMT city. We have many to visit, there are beauiful and famous waterfall such as: Draysap,Trinh nu, Gia long, Thuy Tien,..
    There are many old pagoda,emple, and communal house…
    And now, let we go to visit khai doan pagoda first.
    Khai Doan pagoda(Khai Doan tu) is in the heart of BMT city an area of 3500 square meters
    The name of the pagoda was formed by both the first two words of Emperor Khai Dinh name’s and Doan Huy sultana’s
    It was built in 1951 and the sanctum was built 1953, the lady whose great merit of developing the pagoda was Doan Huy sultana.
    It was built by clever constructors of Hue ancient capital, so its achitecture consisted of Hue garden house style.
    The main gate is on Quang Trung street, especially, there cupris statue of Shikia Mouni in the heart and the cupris bell is put on the left of the sanctum.
    Khai Doan pagoda is an attracted tourist place along side a historical , cultural vestige of Dak Lak province generally and BMT particularly.
    I hope that, this place will be interesting and ideal destination of yours.
    Looking forwards to seeing your soon!


  2. Now, we’re on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai – one of the main streets of the downtown area. It’s long and covered by many trees.

    Look! Do you see the place on the right which has a lot of big trees? It’s Tao Dan Park. I and my friends sometimes go for a walk around this park to enjoy the nature. Tao Dan Park is a good shelter for many kinds of birds and insects. In the morning, many people often come here to do exercises. But in the evening, it becomes an interesting and romantic place for loving couples. 😉

    Well. Going ahead, you will see the small and quiet street on the right, it’s called Huyen Tran Cong Chua. Huyen Tran is the name of a princess who lived during the Tran dynasty in the history of Vietnam. As you see, there are many sports shops along this road. Those shops sell many kinds of sports clothes and sports equipment.

    Now, we’re at the crossroads. And I am making a right turn onto Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. Go ahead this street, you will see an icon of Vietnamese independence. Guess what?

    It’s over there, on the right, the big building with many Vietnamese flags. Vietnamese people call it “Dinh Thong Nhat”. In English, it’s called Reunification Palace. Dinh Thong Nhat is formerly known as Dinh Doc Lap or Independence Palace. It was designed by architect Ngo Viet Thu as the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Many historical events happened here, and the biggest one happened on April 30th, 1975. That was the moment when North Vietnamese Army conquered the Dinh Doc Lap, which terminated victoriously Ho Chi Minh City campaign and the campaign of full liberation of the whole South Vietnam. Nowaday, Vietnamese people see it as a historical place.

    In front of the Dinh Doc Lap is Le Duan Street. In this street, you will also see Han Thuyen Park, Duc Ba Church, Diamond Plaza, Sai Gon Tower, some beautiful hotels and many interesting places. I think this area is the heart of the downtown.

    But, first of all, would you like to enjoy some delicious coffee at Han Thuyen Park? Then, we will discover many interesting places that I have just told you. How’s that idead?

    Alright, let’s go 🙂

    P.S: Dịch tiếng Việt sang tiếng Anh đối với em đôi khi khó hơn là làm ngược lại, cho nên hôm nay tranh thủ thời gian rảnh em quyết định thử thách mình một tẹo, mặc dù chỉ viết một đoạn ngắn (do làm biếng) nhưng khi làm xong thì em cũng thấy có đôi chút tự hào.

    Không biết những bạn khác khi hoàn thành thử thách Anh ngữ có chung cảm giác trên không, nhưng em nghĩ cảm giác này rất quan trọng, đó là cảm giác vui khi nhận thấy được sự tiến bộ của mình, cho dù là nhỏ bé nhưng nó rất có ý nghĩa, bởi vì không gì tạo ra sự tiến bộ bằng chính sự tiến bộ, nhờ sự tiến bộ mà con người sẽ không ngừng vươn lên.

    Hi vọng là chuyên mục Thử thách anh ngữ hàng ngày sẽ càng có nhiều bạn tham gia.

    Chúc anh Hoành và các bạn luôn lạc quan và tích cực.


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