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To my sweetheart on our first Valentines’ Day

Dear M. sweetheart,

I could not be more grateful for you to appear in my life. Your words are beautiful and touching my heart. It seems like I was living in the moments with you again and again. I see your smiles and deep eyes, our loving hugs and first kisses. I see the moments when you laugh and you cry. Your tears to me is like a string of pearls, as precious and genuine as ever. No ordinary man could be so brave to let a woman see him crying in her arms. It must be a man in love and deep sincerity and I am just lucky to be a witnesses. Đọc tiếp To my sweetheart on our first Valentines’ Day

Prayer 673

The prayer series


You love me.
You know that I want to eat moon cakes
so you give them to me.

I eat and I’m happy.
I’m happy because I eat cakes and drink milk.
I’m happy because I know you love me.

I don’t worry about what I will eat or drink.
I don’t worry about my life
because you take care of me so well.
(Matthew 6:25-34)

I love you, Jesus.



Ngày đầu con đến trường Trái tim Vô nhiễm Đức Mẹ Maria

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Prayer 669

The prayer series


Mary Magdalene took about a pint of pure nard,
an expensive perfume;
she poured it on your feet
and wiped your feet with her hair.
(John 12:1-11)

Were you not surprised by her actions?
Had she done such to you many times before?
And perhaps she didn’t only wipe your feet,
but also wiped your many other spots with her hair.

Đọc tiếp Prayer 669