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Prayer 726

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If Vietnam wants all people participate in building the country,
Vietnam needs to grow non-profit organizations.


Because our policy forces all social associations to be under the rule of our one and only Party,
we can’t use all our talents for the country.
Therefore, our country has many deadlocked problems.
When we grow non-profit organizations,
we’ll be very creative in solving our problems.
Many heads are better than one head.

How? Đọc tiếp Prayer 726

Prayer 725

The prayer series


You have many ways to say to me,
“I’m here, and I love you.”

You are the lovely and fat rat that ran before my eyes when I sat alone on the terrace.
You are the wind chimes that ring comforting songs when I have breakfast alone.
You are heart shaped leaves of baby mustard greens when I have breakfast with friends.
You are sunshine in my hands and raindrops on my face when I walk with friends…

You have many ways to say to me,
“I’m here, and I love you.”

I’m peaceful when you cover me all day.

I love you, Jesus.