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A taste of Cambodia in Saigon

Last update 09:00 | 27/06/2017 –  vietnamnet

Its official name is Le Hong Phong Market, but for decades people have been calling this market in HCM City’s District 10 “Cambodian Market” simply because it sells certain products from Cambodia.

Cambodian Market has expanded with locals getting in on the act, but its true Cambodian soul is still preserved by around 15 stores run by the children and grandchildren of the families that fled Cambodia more than 40 years ago.

Chợ Miên, Sài Gòn, khô cá lóc, Camphuchia, quận 10, Lê Hồng Phong
Tu Xe stall

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Vietnam floating market struggles to stay above water


A resident of a house boat yawns as he swings on a hammock on the vessel in a canal off the Song Hau river at the floating Cai Rang market in Can Tho, a small city in the Mekong Delta AFP/Roberto SCHMIDT

CAN THO: Fixing weighing scales used to be good business on Vietnam’s floating Cai Rang market, but the last repairman on the river now makes just a few dollars a month as modernity pushes traders to land.

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Statue recalls the glories of the Lý Dynasty

VIETNAMNEWS – Update: September, 10/2017 – 09:00

Piece of history: The original statue of the Việt people from 900 years ago. — VNS Photo Phạm Hoàng Văn

To many first-time visitors, Hà Nội seems to be a young city not only because of so many young people out on its streets, but also because of new buildings and supermarkets, shops and restaurants, colleges and libraries. Thousands of new buildings have sprung up in the past 20 to 30 years.

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Pork in grapefruit leaves: a Muong delicacy

Last update 10:05 | 23/08/2017 –  vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – Many people are familiar with grilled pork, but far fewer have ever tasted grilled pork wrapped in grapefruit leaves. The dish is even unfamiliar to many food connoisseurs in Viet Nam, but not for the Muong ethnic group in Hoa Binh Province, the third largest among Viet Nam’s 53 minority groups. 

Hoa Binh, Muong ethnic group, mac khen, Vietnam economy, Vietnamnet bridge, English news about Vietnam, Vietnam news, news about Vietnam, English news, Vietnamnet news, latest news on Vietnam, VietnamUnique: Cha cuon la buoi can only be found in Hoa Binh Province. — VNS Photo Thai Ha

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A new dawn breaks over Ngoi Village

Last update 09:00 | 03/09/2017 –  vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – Disconnected from the outside world for a long time, a village in the middle of a huge reservoir is discovering the benefits of community-based tourism, Luong Thu Huong reports.

Ngoi Village, benefits of community-based tourism, Muong culture, Vietnam economy, Vietnamnet bridge, English news about Vietnam, Vietnam news, news about Vietnam, English news, Vietnamnet news, latest news on Vietnam, Vietnam

Not too long ago, Ngoi Village was living in a world of its own, quietly minding its own business, virtually unnoticed in the midst of a massive reservoir created by a hydropower project.

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Students create river side art space

Last update 18:10 | 01/09/2017 –  vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – A team called Architecture for Community (Kicodo club) from Da Nang’s Architecture College has completed painting murals on a set of concrete stairs and manhole covers in Cam Le District in the central city.

Da Nang’s Architecture College, artist Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, painting murals, Vietnam economy, Vietnamnet bridge, English news about Vietnam, Vietnam news, news about Vietnam, English news, Vietnamnet news, latest news on Vietnam, Vietnam

Lively walk: Colourful painted stairs create an art space for pedestrians and tourists on the Cam Le River in Da Nang. — Photos courtesy of I love Cam Le facebook

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Hue’s headwear showcases local charm

Hue’s headwear showcases local charm, entertainment events, entertainment news, entertainment activities, what’s on, Vietnam culture, Vietnam tradition, vn news, Vietnam beauty, news Vietnam, Vietnam news, Vietnam net news, vietnamnet news, vietnamnet bri

Last update 13:40 | 27/08/2017 –  vietnamnet

Conical hats produced in the central Thừa Thiên- Huế Province, which includes the historic Huế City, are similar to those made in other regions in the country. But innovations by local artisans have added charm and made Huế hats famous.

Conical hats are synonymous with Việt Nam, and hat-making artisans in the former capital city of Huế have added a little extra charm to the iconic headwear.

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These award-winning drone photos of Vietnam will take your breath away

By Tuoi Tre News August 30,2017, 13:56 GMT+7

‘Alluvial colors’ by Nguyen Hoang Nam – second prize

Vietnam’s iconic landscapes mesmerize in these photos captured from above

A shortlist of the most breathtaking photos of Vietnam as seen from above has been produced from thousands of submissions to a photography contest.

The contest, themed ‘Vietnam from Above’, called on local photographers to submit their best drone photos of Vietnam for an upcoming calendar collection.

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Saigon’s best restaurants for local food

Last update 09:00 | 26/06/2017 –  vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – The best local restaurants in HCM City are legendary establishments that have stood the test of time, offering authentic and satisfying meals at incredibly attractive prices. 

Nguyen Thi Thanh (Lunch Lady)

Image result for lunch lady saigon

Unlike many local restaurants in this list, Nguyen Thi Tanh (or Lunch Lady) only cooks one dish per day, changing the dish according to the day.

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Best 23 cities for street food — from Mumbai and Miami to Marrakech


Full article and beautiful pictures for every city on CNN
Ho Chi Minh City ranks 18

By Griffin Shea, for CNN

Updated 0231 GMT (1031 HKT) April 14, 2017


  • Some of the world’s best meals can be found on the streets
  • In some cities, food served from carts or holes in the wall is revered
  • Bangkok, Tokyo, Istanbul and Durban are among top street food destinations

The art of Hanoi’s vendors through Dutch photographer’s lens

Tuoitre News – Photos from Loes Heerink’s “Vendors from above” collection

A photographer from the Netherlands is planning to publish a photography book featuring amazing pictures she captured street vendors in Hanoi. Loes Heerink plans to include some 100 photos of her “Vendors from above” to the namesake photo book, she told Tuoi Tre News from home.

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A 100-year-old alley in town – Hẻm Hào Sĩ Phường, Sài Gòn

While Hanoi has been famous for its 36 old streets attached to the history and culture of the 1,000-year-old capital, Saigon, the former name of HCMC, can take pride in an age-old alley that has maintained its original architecture and special traits for decades. 

A 100-year-old alley in town, travel news, Vietnam guide, Vietnam airlines, Vietnam tour, tour Vietnam, Hanoi, ho chi minh city, Saigon, travelling to Vietnam, Vietnam travelling, Vietnam travel, vn news
Located at 206 Tran Hung Dao B in HCMC’s District 5, the 100-year-old alley Hao Si Phuong attracts passers-by by a small drinks stall in front of the alley

The 100-year-old alley in the city’s District 5, better known as Hao Si Phuong, is worth visiting as tourists can take a close look at Chinese-influenced unique architectural features and gain an insight into daily lives and spiritual values of the Chinese community there.

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Nơi vải lanh đi muôn phương

  • 17.07.2017, 16:13

TTCT – “Lanh gắn với dân tộc Mông như vợ với chồng. Lanh là sự kết tinh của tri thức, của bản sắc, là tinh hoa văn hóa dân tộc Mông trên núi cao… Còn công việc của chúng tôi là cố gắng đưa lanh của dân tộc mình tỏa khắp năm châu!”. 

Nơi vải lanh đi muôn phương
Nghệ nhân Vàng Thị Mai (đội mũ) cùng làm việc với các vị khách quốc tế và trẻ em Mông ở Lùng Tám -NGỌC HIỂN

Nghệ nhân dệt lanh Vàng Thị Mai (55 tuổi) tự tin giới thiệu về Hợp tác xã (HTX) lanh Lùng Tám do bà sáng lập và làm chủ nhiệm.

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Làng tranh tường phát sáng trong đêm đầu tiên ở Việt Nam

Thứ ba, 1/8/2017 | 14:11 GMT+7 VnExpress

Những bức tường thô nhám ở thôn Thanh Thủy, Quãng Ngãi khoác lên chiếc áo mới là tranh 3D có khả năng phát sáng trong đêm.

Ngoài làng bích họa ở Lý Sơn, Quảng Ngãi vừa có thêm một làng tranh 3D độc đáo ở thôn Thanh Thủy, xã Bình Hải, huyện Bình Sơn. Tranh ở làng được vẽ không chỉ dưới dạng tranh tường 3D mà còn có khả năng phát sáng trong đêm.

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