Các bài đăng bởi An An

My name is Le Thi Anh Tuyet, but you can call me An An. I live in Sapa, and I work as a receptionist in our family hotel. I'm on my way to training my mind through practicing the lessons at Dotchuoinon.com. Besides, I love studying the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha. Baking is one of my favorite hobbies.

Baby Mine – Con yêu của mẹ 

Dear Anh, Chị, 

“Baby Mine” là bài hát ru đầy thương yêu do ban nhạc người Canada – Arcade Fire thể hiện. Bài hát được chọn làm nhạc kết cho bộ phim Dumbo 2019. 

Phim Dumbo 2019 là câu chuyện cảm động về tình mẹ con và là lời nhắn nhủ về việc trả tự do cho động vật hoang dã tại các rạp xiếc.  Đọc tiếp Baby Mine – Con yêu của mẹ 

Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen monastery

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen monastery is the first Buddhist monastery in Sapa, built in 2015. It stands on a hill on Dien Bien Phu Street. This monastery belongs to the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect.

Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen monastery 2

The main hall of the monastery is spacious, with a simple design. There is a big Shakyamuni Buddha statue in the center of the hall. The Buddha holds a lotus in his right hand with a gentle smile. Besides the Buddha statue are the statues of Manjushri – the Bodhisattva of wisdom, and Samantabhadra – the Bodhisattva of kindness. This hall is where the monks, and nuns in the monastery, along with other Buddhists, practice sitting meditation. Đọc tiếp Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen monastery

The Hmong child vendors in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you doing? Who do you often encounter on the streets?

I often run into some Hmong children who spend most of their time on Sapa’s streets. They are at the age of 1- 10, and most of them come from Lao Chải village.  

The Hmong children usually walk around the main streets in Sapa. With some souvenirs in their hand, they work as street vendors. The children approach tourists, and ask them to buy something. Sometimes, the begging action of these children bothers visitors.

Đọc tiếp The Hmong child vendors in Sapa

The traffic lights in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? Do you have any memories with traffic lights?

I remember, when I was a teen, my friends and I talked about traffic lights. We asked one another why Sapa didn’t have any. Some friends answered, “Sapa is just a small town. Only big cities have traffic lights”, while others replied, “Perhaps it would be hard to install traffic lights on the sloping roads in Sapa.” At that time, we all were curious to know where people would put traffic lights. 

Đọc tiếp The traffic lights in Sapa

All is love – Karen O and the kids

Dear Anh, Chị, 

Bài hát “All is love” được Karen O và Nick Zinner – hai thành viên trong nhóm Yeah Yeah Yeahs sáng tác để làm nhạc cho bộ phim “Where the wild things are”. Ca sĩ Karen O và các bạn thiếu nhi đã thể hiện ca khúc này. 

Phim “Where the wild things are” diễn tả tâm lý của trẻ ở tuổi vị thành niên khi có những cảm xúc tiêu cực như cô đơn và tức giận. Nhân vật chính trong phim là cậu bé Max. Max rất cô đơn vì mẹ và chị luôn có việc riêng và không quan tâm đến cậu. 

Đọc tiếp All is love – Karen O and the kids

Black mustard seeds

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you doing today? Have you ever seen black mustard seeds?

In Sapa, people often cultivate black mustard plants. This sort of plant bears black mustard seeds. 

Black mustard seeds usually have a dark brown colour. The seeds are smaller than sesame seeds, and look like tiny balls. Even so, these tiny seeds can sprout from soil and grow into black mustard plants with beautiful yellow flowers in large fields. 

Đọc tiếp Black mustard seeds

Sapa weather in March

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? Do you like the weather in March?

I’m fond of Sapa’s March weather. It is so pleasant with mild temperature and fresh air. 

In the morning, the sky is usually misty and cloudy. Often, we might think it would be a foggy day, yet at noon the sun comes out with warm beams. Everything looks so vibrant under the sunlight. After about 6 hours of sun, we often have the chance to contemplate the sunset with gorgeous orange rays in the late afternoon. 

Đọc tiếp Sapa weather in March

Time to breathe

Dear Anh, Chị 

Hôm nay, em xin giới thiệu tới mọi người bài hát “Time to breathe”. Đây là bài hát được sáng tác và thể hiện bởi quý sư thầy Làng Mai. Em rất thích giai điệu và lời của bài hát này. 

Dưới đây là link bài hát: 

Mời Anh, Chị cùng nghe. 

Chúc Anh, Chị một ngày an nhiên. 

Đọc tiếp Time to breathe

Sâu Chua village

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? What is your favorite place where you live?

One of my favorite places in Sapa is Sâu Chua. This is a small village 10km away from Sapa. The village is still a lesser-known destination for many people. 

The road to Sâu Chua is narrow and sloping. This tranquil village is home to the Hmong people. They live in wooden houses, do farm work, feed animals, and plant vegetables for a living. Their life still faces many difficulties, but they are so affable and always smile. 

Đọc tiếp Sâu Chua village

Rainy days

Sapa corner


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you? Do you like rainy days?

February has come, and Sapa has welcomed this new month with rain. Rainy days might affect our mood. However, they also give us many things to feel.  

Thanks to rainy days, I can stay at home and get cozy inside. I really love to see beautiful pearls of rain and dewdrops on the weeds and the three-leaf clovers on our balcony. Raindrops and dewdrops are truly natural gems. 

Đọc tiếp Rainy days

The Tet market in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you doing today? Have you done your Tet shopping yet?

These days, Sapa market is the best place to feel the cheerful and bustling atmosphere of Tet in Sapa.  

Like other Tet markets, Sapa market is where people can sell and buy essential things for the Lunar New Year. From kumquats, peach blossoms, and wild orchids to many kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats, we can find almost everything in the market.

Đọc tiếp The Tet market in Sapa

White magnolia

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you doing? Are you magnolia lover?

A few days ago, I came across a kobus magnolia tree on a roadside. Kobus magnolia is a species of magnolia. In Japan people call it kobushi magnolia.

From a distance, the magnolia tree caught my eyes with graceful white flowers. The tree was about 3m tall. This kind of tree is unique. It only has white flowers blooming on the branches without any leaves. 

Đọc tiếp White magnolia