Daily English Challenge — Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi everyone,

Thank you for participating very well in yesterday’s translation. Everyone is very good. It was hard for me to pick one over the others. It hurts my heart. I may have a heart attack eventually if I keep doing this.

At the end I decided to pick two–chị Kiêm Yến’s and Đức Minh’s writings. Viên Hy’s is very good, good enough for posting, but I don’t want to annoy the readers by posting too many. And JEa’s is also right there. JEa should be a little tighter in language when translating, though.

I did only a couple of very minor changes in Kiêm Yến’s and Đức Minh’s translations before posting. Hope you have already seen today. Thanks, Yến and Đức Minh. And, of course, Viên Hy and jEa too.

Nothing much to discuss on the translation exercise. You guys can just compare the original and the translations, and you will see all the points.

“Secondary performance”: I translate it as “Làm việc kiểu hạng hai.” Everyone misunderstood this term. But it probably is my fault. Had I written “second-class performance” or “second-rank performance”, it might have been clearer.

“At the individual level”: This is similar to what we hear often in economics–“at the micro level”–which means to look at things from the point of view of an average person, and not from the (higher) point of view of leader who looks at groups of people. Translating it as “góc độ cá nhân” in this context is good.

For Yen’s question: “Today we are in a much more exciting time.” “A time” here means “(một) thời đại” or “(một) thời kỳ.” In Vietnamese language, we don’t think about “một” here, but in English, the “a” is required–it is a countable noun in this meaning.


OK, every one, here it is, a couple of easy challenges for today for you to choose (or to do all, if you’d like to :-)). Write in whatever way you want, with you own words and your own level of writing. Make it easy on yourself.

1. Tell me about your most favorite female singer.


2. Do you have a niece, nephew, little brother or little sister? If yes, please write about him/her. I would love to hear.

That’s it. It seems you guys tend to shy away from writing English. But, that is the KEY. And it is much easier than you think. After several exercises, you will find it easy. Just do it. See the guy below?

Have a great day!

Hoanh 🙂


Một bình luận về “Daily English Challenge — Tuesday, May 19, 2009”

  1. There are five people in my family : my father, my mother, my brother, i and my little sister. One of us is most pamper by my parents. It is my little sister Ngoc Han. Because she is only girl in my family. Now she is six years old. i am older than her eight years old. she is realy a vere beautiful girl with the eyes are sea blue, a straigh nose, long fet blaks shimmering hairs. my mother like to fondle them. her rather sweet mouth always is smile. everyone all love her. she likes to listen and read the old story, example Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Prince frog…my mother often tell a old story for her before she sleep. Ngoc Han like eat sweets, so only has one incisor of upper lip..she has a passion for piano. she begun play piano when she was 3 years old. present she can play more 100 piece of music. she too like singing and sings very good. my father talk that when Ngoc Han will be 15 years old, he will give her to music college to learn. he always hopes his little and tender Ngoc Han will be a famous singer. i am too, my family all is too, contain my little sister.


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