Daily English Discussion–Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi everyone,

Currently we have three on-going discussions

One on What do you think about v. How do you think about. A lot of fun. Good for sharpening your English logic a little.

One on Internet discussion, at the same location as the above.

And one on Mr. Phạm Minh Hạc’s proposal let each school handle each own high-school graduation exam.

I am not adding another one. But let’s work on these interesting issues a little more, sisters and brothers.

A side note: Anh Phạm Minh Hạc was the first official at the Ministry of Education and Training that I met. I think that was 1992 and I was president of the Vietnamese American Education Foundation. World Vision sponsored anh Hac’s trip to the US. And World Vision president, I can’t remember the name, arranged the meeting between me, anh Hạc and his lieutenant, Nguyễn Ngọc Kính (?) at World Vision’s headquarters in Washington DC. (I am not sure about anh Kính’s full name but I am sure the first name is Kính).

At that time anh Hạc had just changed from Minister of Higher Education to Deputy-Minister of Education and Training. And that meeting helped me greatly in understanding Vietnam’s education.

Have a great day, everyone.


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