English discussion–Peace making

Hi everyone,
If you and your friend (boy friend, girl friend or just friend of the same gender) have a heated argument and you both don’t talk for a week.

Now you feel like you want to make peace, how do you start the peace-making process? I mean, your habit of peace-making, such as just dropping by his house like nothing has happens, or sending her a flower, or buying her a cookie, or doing nothing and waiting for him to apologize….. Whatever.

Tell us.

Have fun!


Một suy nghĩ 4 thoughts on “English discussion–Peace making”

  1. I think if we’re really friends…I can’t bear that. I think I will directly apologize her( him). In formal times, I didn’t talk some days and after that, we came back as before. Since my mother died and…I understood that many things we have to say more “goodbye” than “hello” and I think…please treasure all you have. And I always is the person say sorry previous
    I write but I have mistakes. Please help me! Thanks!^^

    Số lượt thích

  2. Hi Never,

    You’re right–nothing can compare with a direct apology. Many things work–flower, or just smile. But a clear apology beats everything by far. “I’m sorry for…” or “I apologize for…”, especially when saying it face to face, is very powerful. 🙂

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  3. For me,if the problem is not big, i will send him a messeger to ask him about his feeling at this time. And when the issue becomes bigger, i will make appointment with him to talk directly. I believe that we are understanding each other enough to solve that problem. He is often the first person giving an appology. Therefore we can have a close relationship again. ^ 0 ^
    Hey, pls check some mistakes in my passage for me. Tks so much!

    Số lượt thích

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