Daily English Discussion–Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009–China arrested more Vietnamese fishermen

Hi everyone.

China has just arrested 12 more fishermen from Quảng Ngãi province.

Obviously China is sending a very clear message that it does not tolerate Vietnam’s assigning Hoang Sa as a district of Quang Nam. That is understandable.

But the Vietnamese people now may have less problem with China than with our own government, who appears to act like a chicken.

I am afraid that standing up to foreign aggression is not an exclusive activity of the government. I understand that a lot of good diplomacy needs to be spent for this kind of work. But this government needs to do something worthy of a government, in addition to honeytalk with an aggressor. Do all honey talks as you want, but the world also want to see that we, the nation, have muscles.

Or the people of this nation will have take the matter into their own hands (including me with my own hands), dealing with China directly, and treating the government as irrelevant.

You guys have a very short time to show the people that you are doing something worthy of a government.

Great day!


Một suy nghĩ 5 thoughts on “Daily English Discussion–Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009–China arrested more Vietnamese fishermen”

  1. Dear H,

    Thanks for the article,

    I am sure nobody would care about this subject enough to post a comment until you change your attitude towards Vietnamese government. We’re not chickens, we’re just…chicken’s eggs that dare not to hatch because our chicken mother told us so?!

    Nice day on top of your mind!



  2. Dear Stone & Brothers/Sisters,

    The reason China keeps arresting more people is that it perceives Vietnam as having no backbone, interpreting the, what should I say, attitude of the Vietnamese government as cowardice.

    I teach Ju Jitsu self-defense to adult students, especially women. We, the instructors, always tell the students, “Show no fear.” You don’t want to show aggression because it may accelerate the conflict unnecessarily, but you need to show firmness and resolve. Can’t show fear. Once the aggressor reads fear in you, he will just get more aggressive, and you will be in more troubles. (And that principle works in courtroom battle too).

    The Vietnamese government so far, in my opinion, has done nothing more than whimpering, “I beg you, please don’t beat us.” And if you are China, how would you interpret it?

    I am not advocating aggression and conflict. I always promote diplomacy and civilized talks.

    But don’t these guys in the government know that you can only talk nice to a bully if he sees your muscles ?

    The other thing that bothers me is that, in the old days, our ancestors called Hoi Nghi Dien Hong, when the nation was under attack. Now these government guys appear to Bịt Miệng Bịt Mồm, when we are under attack.

    Stone, you are right, eggs can’t talk, can they ?


  3. Dear H,

    I am sure you’re totally right, I mean eggs can’t talk.

    Well, in regards of Ju Jitsu, I figured out from your explanation that fear would cause chaos, chaos is the outcome of fear.

    Since war is not acceptable, do you think Vietnam will have chaos in the near future?



  4. Well, what a scary point of view.

    Thanks for your sharing,

    Hopefully, I’ll live my life waiting for the American to land on Mars, to build the first house on Moon, and of course, to free the world and cast the chaos out of Earth. However, I’ll never be able to understand why some eggs intentionally don’t hatch… Good night!



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