Các bài đăng bởi Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân

Do everything in love


http://dotchuoinon.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/mistrust.png?w=256&h=255Any of you who have ever read “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” will know that Cao Cao is the most suspicious man in the world. Therefore, we have a saying “Overly suspicious like Cao Cao”. I remember when I was little, I extremely disliked Cao Cao when I read this novel, yet I kept thinking to myself: “Perhaps I should never be as suspicious to the point of cruelty as Cao Cao did, but maybe suspicion is something I should learn more about, otherwise how do I survive in this world?” And this question has followed me for many years as I grow up. Continue reading Suspicious?


http://pandora.bonnint.net/video/widget/4219470.jpgHi everyone,

The word ‘resource’ means a source – source of money, source of materials, source of supports, source of people–basically sources that enrich us, as resources, in plural form, is the sum of properties possessed by a person, a company, or a nation. In daily working life, a resourceful person is someone who knows a lot of sources. Needless to say, this is a very important person for every project, as he/she has the ability to pull different sources of people or materials into the projects. Continue reading Resourceful

Caledonia – Celtic Woman



(Celtic Woman)

Tôi không biết nếu như bạn có thể nhìn thấy
Những thay đổi đã đến với tôi
Trong những ngày qua tôi đã sợ
Rằng tôi có thể trôi dạt đi
Tôi đã kể những câu chuyện cũ, hát những bài ca
Khiến tôi suy nghĩ về nơi đôi đã ra đi
Đó là lí do mà ngày hôm nay tôi dường như đã quá xa cách.

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Can you teach anyone?


Hi everyone,

I often receive questions from you guys like: A friend of mine keeps talking nonsense about things she does not understand, and I want help her improve her understanding, but I’m afraid she might get angry. What should I do? I have a friend who just doesn’t understand the spiritual life you preach, and is suffering because of it. Should I try persuading him again? Continue reading Can you teach anyone?

What is morality and how important it is to your career?


Hi everyone,

Suppose that you are the HR Director of a company and you are recruiting employees for your company. Which one among the following will be the most important character trait that you look for in a candidate: experience, academic degrees, integrity, intelligence, teamwork, modesty, diligence, or good speaking skills?

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Feeling lonely in the holiday season


Hi everyone,The holidays are quickly approaching, and while many people are eager to celebrate with their family and friends, others are very lonely. Those are people who just broke up with their lover, people who don’t have a partner to share their life with, people who have just lost or are losing relatives, job, property, honor etc. That is not to mention the homeless who neither have a place to stay nor any family. For whatever reasons, when everybody is happily gathering, there are always people who just feel lonelier than ever. Continue reading Feeling lonely in the holiday season

Impermanence and Permanence


Hi everyone,

Very often we feel that we are completely lost, that we don’t know what we should do, what we should use our life for, which direction we should go, which job we should do or learn, how our future will be, or where our future lies.

And we feel lost. Seeing our friends work hard, building their careers, holding good positions… we wish we could be like them, know what we want and what we should do, and be happy with our life plans…

But… Continue reading Impermanence and Permanence

How to accept a “No”?

Hi everyone,

There’s a fear that weighs heavily upon many of us every minute, every single day, through our whole life, whether we think about it  or are aware of its existence or not. That is the fear of rejection, the fear of not achieving what we aim for.  In other words, it is the fear of “No” – no acceptance, no agreement from someone, no gain, no achievement…


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Everyday’s Miracles

Hi everyone,

If we pay attention to what happen in our daily life with gratitude, we will see “miracles” or “God’s blessings” or “good karma” come to us almost every day. If we are not grateful, they will all seem to be coincidences and meaningless.

If we are profoundly grateful, we will see that everything has a very deep meaning.

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Run, Forrest, Run!

Hi everyone,

Whoever watches Forrest Gump will never forget the famous line “Run, Forrest, run!”. This is an American comedy-drama film, a genre of movie that combines both humorous and serious content. Forrest Gump is a young boy born in Alabama, a state in the Southern part of the US. Having a crooked spine and slightly retarded since birth, he was a target for bullies. Jenny was Forrest’s only friend, and they often walked to school together. One day, Forrest was harassed by a group of boys and Jenny told him “Run, Forrest, run!”, so the disabled boy struggled to run until his leg braces broke apart, and the little boy could run for the very first time in his life.

Since then, Forrest ran everywhere, and his legs became stronger. He ran at maximum speed every time someone told him to run, incredibly fast, to the degree that he was recruited to the high school’s football team, and became a football player in the university with a football scholarship.

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The blessed world around us

Hi everyone,

Awakened people have an experience that those who are still  deep in sleep neither have nor understand: The world around us is very beautiful and we are blessed with so many favors from God.

The wild flower petals by the front door.
A bird flying across the sky.
Sunshine among the leaves.
The city awakes, everybody starts a new day.
A delicious lunch.
A sound sleep at night.
The cute three-year-old son.
The  sweet lover.
Good health.
The flamboyant tree blooming with red flowers next door.

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Desire without suffering

Hi everyone,

The Buddha has taught that desire is the cause of suffering. If we no longer desire, we no longer suffer.

This is hard to do. If we no longer have any desire, can we be sure we are still passionate about life? still wanting to live? The truth is, desires and wishes are the goals motivating us towards achieving them – a university degree, a good job, opening a store – and that’s what makes like fun, lively, and active. Without those wishes, those dreams to follow, life would have been very dull… like dead.

This is our big problem. How to follow our dreams without being drawn into the cycle of suffering, as the Buddha has taught?

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One-way positivity

We often talk about “one-way”, yet perhaps we don’t have the habit of practicing one-way positivity, but usually two-way.

We are not positive towards those we have low opinion of – those we consider bad and awful.

We are not positive towards things that we deem ugly, lousy.

We are not positive towards difficult circumstances.

But please don’t forget that the correct positivity is not our mental reaction to external conditions, but rather it is our mind’s constant attitude. People who have positivity in their blood will always be positive.

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Speaking fast

Hi everyone, 

Our speaking usually goes at our natural velocity, stemming from our personality – people who think as fast as lightning usually speak fast, those who think more slowly often speak softly, or in contrast, people who do not think tend to speak fast, those who think regularly speak slowly. Speaking velocity also depends on region: Busy areas like New York or Washington DC have more fast speakers than less busy areas such as Alabama or Tennessee.

Yet this is an important point: oftentimes when meeting a slower speaker, the fast speaker may make the other one scared, or annoyed, and lose sympathy. Speaking fast usually makes people with a slow talking habit nervous as they feel that they cannot catch up with the speaker – if we are a fast speaker due to our empty head then they will be annoyed with our empty head, if we speak fast due to our intelligence then they will be scared of our smartness.

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Alone in a white world

Hi everyone,

Winter comes to us regularly – frozen and white. And if you have never lived in a snowy area, have you ever felt that the world is merely an immense white space, no tree, no grass, not a single street or house, not a single mountain or river, only this immense whiteness, with your sole presence, sitting silently alone in a cold white universe?

That is a loneliness as vast as the universe.

Anyone of us could sometimes find herself lost in that white universe – for  emotional or philosophical reasons.

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Starting over with a clean slate

Hi everyone,

‘Slate’ is a board (usually made of porcelain enamel), the surface of which is used for chalk-writing. Wiping the board to write new stuff on it is “starting over with a clean slate”. This expression is often used to refer to circumstances when someone starts his life all over again, such as when an ex-convict who has just been released starts his life over.

More significant than to our material life, ‘Starting over with a clean slate’ is essential to our spiritual and psychological life.

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Relationship is a matter of risk taking

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated into English by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân

Dear Everyone,

Our relationships – between us and our friends, lovers, wives/husbands, partners, comrades, brethren… or just anyone – are always a matter of risk taking. When we say “I love you and I trust you wholeheartedly”, that is a romantic feeling from the bottom of our heart, and also is a matter of risk taking.

Life is impermanent, and so are people. This is the truth, neither optimistic nor pessimistic. It is a truth of life just like the rain or the sun. As long as we are alive, we change in every ksana. And our  emotions or relationships also change – a couple may live together till old age or may divorce after 5 years due to a myriad of different reasons. We need not delve into the causes here,  but only need to know that where there is convergence, there is divergence. Where there is connection, there is separation. Hence, every time we decide to tie our affection to someone, we are accepting the risk that the relationship may someday be broken or severed.

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Love Others

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated into English by Hồ Kính Đạt

Hi everyone,

Speaking of love, we oftentimes think of it as a one-sided action. We lend someone a helping hand, give someone a present and want nothing in return. It is true! However, the outcome of a humane deed is always reciprocal – that is, the recipient is happy, but it is also the giver who derives joy from performing such an action. Therefore, the truth is that when we give, we get something in return instantly.

"Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The nature of positive action is like that – the gratification you get from spending a hundred dollars on a shirt cannot be compared to the satisfaction derived from giving a beggar just a few bucks. Positive action generates positive energy that keeps us in a constant state of peacefulness, cheerfulness and healthiness.

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Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated into English by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân

If we still have parents, we are more fortunate than the orphans.

If we have a house, we are more fortunate than the homeless.

If we have daily food, we are more fortunate than the hungry.

If we have clothing, we are more fortunate than the ragged.

If we are healthy, we are more fortunate than the sick.

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The Number-One Cause for Success: Persistence

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân

Hi folks,

Today we will have a look at Richard St. John’s speech regarding the 8 secrets of success. Richard came up with these 8 causes after interviewing 500 highly successful people in the world. These are Passion, Hard work, Good, Focus, Push, Serve, Ideas, and Persistence. In the last part, which is about “Persistence”, Richard quoted Joe Kraus’s saying, “Persistence is the number one reason for our success”. I agree with this quote. If I have to retain only one and discharge the other seven causes, “Persistence” would be the one that I’ll keep. And that is exactly why I’m going to discuss with you a bit more about persistence in this entry.

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Teaching Positive Thinking

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated by Hồ Kính Đạt

Perhaps you have been a regular reader of the theme “positive thinking”, but have you ever played the part of a teacher on this topic? Did it ever occur to you that the best way to learn is to teach others?

When I was young I used to help my classmates by explaining to them again the concepts they were having a trouble understanding, and I would usually do that should any friend need help. There were times when I wasn’t entirely clear about the things I learned, but it was my responsibility to master the concepts in order to explain to my friends that obliged me to review the lessons, which in turn gave me a better grasp of them. The best way to learn is to teach, the best way to be a student is to be a teacher.

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