One-way positivity

We often talk about “one-way”, yet perhaps we don’t have the habit of practicing one-way positivity, but usually two-way.

We are not positive towards those we have low opinion of – those we consider bad and awful.

We are not positive towards things that we deem ugly, lousy.

We are not positive towards difficult circumstances.

But please don’t forget that the correct positivity is not our mental reaction to external conditions, but rather it is our mind’s constant attitude. People who have positivity in their blood will always be positive.

When  seeing someone committing a bad deed, actively do good things to exert a good influence on him.

When seeing bad things happening, do good deeds to counterbalance the evil.

When facing difficult situations, work hard to overcome those challenges.

Positive people are always positive. They are positive both in sad times and happy times, when facing good or bad situations, when dealing with  good or evil.

Always be positive. Always inhale oxygen.

Practice one-way positivity!

Wish you all a positive day.


(Translated by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân)

Original article: Tích cực một chiều

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