Speaking fast

Hi everyone, 

Our speaking usually goes at our natural velocity, stemming from our personality – people who think as fast as lightning usually speak fast, those who think more slowly often speak softly, or in contrast, people who do not think tend to speak fast, those who think regularly speak slowly. Speaking velocity also depends on region: Busy areas like New York or Washington DC have more fast speakers than less busy areas such as Alabama or Tennessee.

Yet this is an important point: oftentimes when meeting a slower speaker, the fast speaker may make the other one scared, or annoyed, and lose sympathy. Speaking fast usually makes people with a slow talking habit nervous as they feel that they cannot catch up with the speaker – if we are a fast speaker due to our empty head then they will be annoyed with our empty head, if we speak fast due to our intelligence then they will be scared of our smartness.

• Therefore, it is best to slow down your talking when meeting a slow speaker.

This is also a speaking technique called mirroring (reflecting from a mirror)— we talk fast or slow, using simple or complicated words, by following what the other party is doing. Mirroring is not the best way of speaking, but a very effective way – it avoids misunderstanding and helps the other one feel naturally close to us.

• Beside mirroring, if you are a profound thinker when talking, you may speak very slowly. That is a good thing.

Hence, if you are talking too fast, practice thinking more thoroughly when speaking.  Besides, slowing down is a good thing.

If you are intelligent and speaking fast, then watch out, people around you may have been stressed for years.

Wish you all a slower day.


(Translated by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân)


Original article: Nói nhanh

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