Suspicious? of you who have ever read “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” will know that Cao Cao is the most suspicious man in the world. Therefore, we have a saying “Overly suspicious like Cao Cao”. I remember when I was little, I extremely disliked Cao Cao when I read this novel, yet I kept thinking to myself: “Perhaps I should never be as suspicious to the point of cruelty as Cao Cao did, but maybe suspicion is something I should learn more about, otherwise how do I survive in this world?” And this question has followed me for many years as I grow up.

Now I have a very certain answer: There will always be people around you who want to play the game with you, and you need to be a little streetwise to work, but you don’t need to be suspicious, as you might always have a very positive force protecting you if you have a pure heart.

No one among all the saints in history is suspicious, and there are always people who want to harm them, yet they all are very sincere and loving, no one has to be like Cao Cao. Cao Cao believes in his evil intelligence, saints believe in their pure hearts.

When we are honest and loving, the number of people wanting to harm us decreases significantly, as we radiate something that makes people believe in and love us. Our friends will want to protect us all the time because they do not want us to be harmed. This is a natural protective barrier for people who do not worry about prevention.

In addition, if we believe not only in our abilities, but also believe that there are superiors from heaven who are guarding and managing the world, or that there is law of causation, then we will trust that “good people are taken care of and protected by God” or “we reap what we sow”.  From the scientific perspective, people who have such faith will continuously create a powerful and peaceful energy around them, which will make a positive impact on people and objects around them and attract more positive things to them while preventing negative things from happening.

Hence, our own world is actually run by many factors other than our little mind always trying to figure out whether our friends are trying to betray us. It is very boring to live that way, and how do you enjoy the beauty of human’s heart as well as flowers and trees blossoming around if you keep being suspicious your whole life?  Not to mention that you will feel stress very often and die young.

Life is only worth living if we can feel peace in our heart to enjoy every moment of it.

Wish you all a peaceful day.



(Nguyen Ha Huyen Van translated from Vietnamese)

Original Vietnamese article:

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