Resourceful everyone,

The word ‘resource’ means a source – source of money, source of materials, source of supports, source of people–basically sources that enrich us, as resources, in plural form, is the sum of properties possessed by a person, a company, or a nation. In daily working life, a resourceful person is someone who knows a lot of sources. Needless to say, this is a very important person for every project, as he/she has the ability to pull different sources of people or materials into the projects.

In a project, a resourceful person knows where to find money, machines or equipment, where to find engineers or specialists etc. Therefore, resourceful people tend to hold managerial positions, as they are the ones who bring in different resources and mix them together to create a product.

But if we take a moment to think a little, we will realize that despite knowing a lot of resources, resourceful people actually know only ONE source, the source of people – people who have money or machines, people who are tech-savvy or who are experts in law…

Nowadays, professional networks on the internet help people network and make friends, in order to contact each other when necessary, which have helped each of us become a little more resourceful.

Knowing someone in the network is one thing, how much help we can get from the person is another. It depends on two things. (1) How much s/he trusts you, and this is based on your honesty and sincerity in communicating with him/her.  (2) Whether s/he enjoys working with you. Some people cannot work well with other people because they are too arrogant, too greedy, or too egoistic… Humble people usually work well with others.

Therefore, resourcefulness actually depends a lot on our relationship skills. Computer networks do not make us resourceful, unless those “connections” agree to work with us.

Resourceful people easily succeed in whatever they do, as they know where to look for help. But, please remember that we become resourceful by the way we live, not by the computer.

Wish you all a resourceful day.



(Nguyen Ha Huyen Van translated from Vietnamese)

Original Vietnamese article:

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