Can you teach anyone?

Hi everyone,

I often receive questions from you guys like: A friend of mine keeps talking nonsense about things she does not understand, and I want help her improve her understanding, but I’m afraid she might get angry. What should I do? I have a friend who just doesn’t understand the spiritual life you preach, and is suffering because of it. Should I try persuading him again?

My friends, if you have ever witnessed:

– Governments all over the world making crazy decisions despite the advices and warnings of the rest of the world…

– Parents everywhere trying to reason with, scold, cry and even pray for their children to understand their mistakes, yet the kids stubbornly insist on doing what they want…

– Teachers watching their students fall victim to addiction, and attempting to stop them in vain…

…and yet you still think you can teach certain truths to someone, then you don’t understand the human heart at all.

You can help others understand tangible things like math, history, literature, geography and English, but you can’t force them to comprehend intangible concepts about the human heart (which we call “spirituality”).

According to the Christians, no one is able to understand anything until the Holy Spirit reveals it to them. A revelation is the opening of a curtain of secrecy, also called heart opening or mind opening.

In Buddhism, it is said that a person will be enlightened when the conditions are sufficient.  If they are not, words are simply water off a duck’s back.

So, you cannot reveal anything to anyone. All you can do is share a few points with them, and leave them to understand it at the appropriate time. It could be 7 days later, or 7 years later, even 7 decades later, or even never.

So please don’t try to be a teacher when the other person does not want to be your student, nor try to play doctor when the other doesn’t want to be cured.

If you feel that it’s your responsibility to speak out—because you are a teacher, a parent, a sibling or a good friend, then just say a few sentences.  If the other person can understand it, he will; if he cannot, let him be. Don’t force the issue, you will only cause more problems.

You can only sow a few seeds, with the hope that one day a seed will spring up when sufficient conditions exist.

Only people with the heart of a child can easily understand spiritual matters: If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be like children.

Diploma and learning ability do not help. On the contrary, they may be the biggest obstructions, as they tend to inflate our ego, and make us ignorant.

Studying in religious schools cannot help either. Monks usually think that they know, thus have no interest in hearing from others and only want to be teacher.

Age also cannot help, for some people become more ignorant as they get older.

The matter lies in the pure, innocent heart of a child.

Covered so much with worldly dust, who can keep a pure, innocent and humble heart of a child?

We have become too “adult” in our heart, we have learned too many bad habits, too many bad rules, too many bad tricks…

How do we unlearn those things, so that we may have a pure, innocent and humble heart of a child?

If you have the heart of a child, you will comprehend more profound matters of your heart, and the Spirit of God will open your heart more easily. If a child is taught to “love people”, he will “love people” instead of saying if or but…

The “buts” are usually the nails that shut tight the door of your mind.

May you all be pure like children at all time.



(Nguyen Ha Huyen Van translated from Vietnamese)

Original Article: Bạn có dạy ai được không?

Một suy nghĩ 3 thoughts on “Can you teach anyone?”

  1. Hi Huyen Van
    Thanks H Van on sharing his life experience is one thing: each person is a teacher herself before him others, because we have our new model may require others live well!

    And to become exemplary teachers who claim we must have the spirit of humility, honesty and a children’s hearts like our new teacher become loving and compassionate sympathetic to the limits of human people.


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