The blessed world around us

Hi everyone,

Awakened people have an experience that those who are still  deep in sleep neither have nor understand: The world around us is very beautiful and we are blessed with so many favors from God.

The wild flower petals by the front door.
A bird flying across the sky.
Sunshine among the leaves.
The city awakes, everybody starts a new day.
A delicious lunch.
A sound sleep at night.
The cute three-year-old son.
The  sweet lover.
Good health.
The flamboyant tree blooming with red flowers next door.

Of course, we continue to list everything here, everyone will read with the same attitude–nothing strange about the list.

Yet the truth has wonders. The awakened person sees these things every second of the day.  S/he sees million things around her/him, happily enjoys them, and takes all of them as blessings from God every day.

The sleeper, in contrast, is utterly incapable of seeing those things – s/he is busy worrying if s/he is going to earn a lot of money tomorrow, whether s/he is going to win the beauty contest the day after tomorrow, whether s/he can avenge an insult from a love rival last week, whether s/he is going to be famous in the future, or if anyone is backstabbing her/him…

The difference between awakening and sleeping is that: Sleepers are full of worries, fears, jealousies, greed, tensions, anxieties… in their mind. These troubles cover over their mind like a dark curtain, blocking them from seeing millions of wonders around them. Life is full of such disturbances.  How can we see? How do we awake?

This doesn’t mean that the awakened  cares not about anything.  She cares about every responsibility during the day – making a call to resolve the misunderstanding with her business partners, sending an email message to apologize to a friend, trying to finish the report for her boss today… Yet she cares and works diligently without  confusion or stress… And she doesn’t  care about trivial things: reputation, position, fame. She focuses on the quality of her work, and the result will follow the work as a natural consequence – be it money or fame or jealousy from others.

Disturbances in the mind are sleepers’ nightmares.

Letting go of those disturbances – non-attachment in the Buddha’s teaching – is awakening.

Letting go is a decision to let go. Not making a decision to let go means never letting go.

And upon awakening, the whole world suddenly appears splendid and graceful in front of our eyes.

Wish you all an awakening day.



(Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân translated from Vietnamese)

Original Vietnamese version: Thế giới ân huệ quanh ta

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