Thông báo: IVCE tuyển phụ giảng tại Việt Nam

New York (February 26, 2010).

The Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education (IVCE), is a New York 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is a leader in promoting Vietnamese culture and assisting Vietnamese students study abroad in American universities.

IVCE would like to announce the call for applications for our educational program: Vietnam Teaching Assistantship (ViTA). Since 2000, IVCE has delivered a “Study Abroad in America” conference every summer to help students in Vietnam pursue higher education abroad. The goal of this conference is to provide information about the admission and testing processes in addition to scholarships offered for study in the United States. We also aimed to provide students with tools to improve their chances of gaining admission and securing financial aid.

According to the Institute of International Education, the number of Vietnamese students attended U.S. colleges and high schools from 2000-2009 as follow,

Year Undergraduate Graduate Other TOTAL
2008-09 8694 2411 1718 12823
2007-08 5945 1648 1176 8769
2006-07 4092 1135 809 6036
2005-06 3043 1287 267 4597
2004-05 2429 815 124 3670
2003-04 2226 815 124 3165
2002-03 1924 649 149 2722
2001-02 1852 563 115 2531
2000-01 1424 488 113 2022

IVCE has a long-term goal of increasing the total number of Vietnamese students who pursue higher education in the U.S. to between 30 and 50 thousand in ten years (2005-2015). To achieve this goal, IVCE has conducted 28 study-abroad seminars since 2002 and has offered individual assistance with application materials. We believe students who have the opportunity to study abroad will bring back with them ideas and concepts from American universities that can contribute to the development of Vietnam.

The ViTA program is the companion to our “Study Abroad in America” workshop series. Through ViTA, IVCE actively recruits and develops a group of Vietnamese-American college and graduate students to teach TOEFL, SAT, GRE & GMAT workshops to students this summer in Vietnam.

Type of work: Teaching your choice of TOEFL, SAT, GRE or GMAT.
Eligibility: At least a Sophomore in college.
Length of project: 8 weeks (4-week stay in two cities) or longer.
Location: Can Tho Univ, Da Nang Institute of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, Thai Nguyen Univ, and Ha Noi Institute of Technology.
Housing: College provides the guest housing, except in Ho Chi Minh City
Stipend: $200-$300/month, except in Thai Nguyen & Can Tho

Deadline for registration: March 20th for the summer.

Please be advised that as a participant in ViTA, you are expected to fundraise money for your own roundtrip travel and other related expenses for the 8-week stay in Vietnam. Past participants have been able to get past this hurdle by applying to grants or fellowships offered by their respective universities. IVCE’s role in this program is one of guidance, coordination and training. We will organize all the logistics for your travel and stay as a group in Vietnam.

Outside of your teaching responsibility, you will have the time and independence to explore Vietnam as it interests you. Although we encourage travel as a group, we understand that you might have personal research projects or independent studies to conduct. IVCE will gladly serve as a point of contact and support for all your endeavors in Vietnam.

IVCE calls for the participation of any student who wants to experience Vietnam first-hand and to contribute toward its educational development. Please respect the deadline, as we might be unable to arrange accommodations for you after that date. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at You can also check us out at

We look forward to your participation in ViTA.

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