English Discussion–What is your best pickup line?

Hi everyone,
Here is a little more about man-woman relationship.

A pickup line is a line a guy uses to start a conversation with a woman he hasn’t met before. Like, “You look so familiar, have we met before?” (No, I don’t know you. Go away and leave me alone 🙂 )

In your experience, what is the best pickup line? Please identify if you are a male or a female when you give the answer.

Have fun!


Một suy nghĩ 6 thoughts on “English Discussion–What is your best pickup line?”

  1. I am a woman. And if I meet this situation, I will say that “Really??I don’t think so. But there are over 6 billion people in the world. So probability that the people have common characteristics, is very big. Perhaps I look like someone who you met before. However I am very glad to meet you

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  2. Very suddenly and coinciding when has someone asks about this problem!
    You know, my story( or you can use ‘my problem) was happened nearly a year ago. I am very surprising cause of your lovely taking for!
    I said that:” Oh! It’s very Contingent so you look a little familiar, maybe we have never met each other!”
    His looking made me laught. Now we are coming to be good friends which make me feel pleasant. I have many thing to do from the beginning! can we accept and do it or not, that’s ESSENTIAL!

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  3. Depend on my status, i will say that “Really? May be we met somewhere. Whether right or not, i want to say niceto meet you.

    Or i ‘ll say that “Sorry i don’t know u and i don’t want talk to u now”

    Số lượt thích

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