Daily English Discussion–Tuesday 7/21/09–Kim Lien Tunnel flooded again


Hi everyone,

Kim Lien tunnel is flooded again. Both the Japanese contractor and the Vietnamese project manager keep saying that it is natural for water to be in the tunnel and that the construction job is of high quality. Sorry, it is only natural for the worst construction quality of the world. It is not natural for the basement of my house to be flooded with water.

Sorry, guys. If you have a tunnel and it is flooded every time it rains, you must be absolutely insane to believe these guys that the job is of good quality. What kind of good quality is that?

And why no one raises serious issue with them? They’ve been giving out all kinds of excuses. Isn’t that simple enough to say “We want a tunnel that works”? Isn’t that simple enough for the world to understand?

I think the government should hire an international auditor, one of those international accounting firms, and ask it to audit both the financial transactions and the engineering works of this project. These international firms will know what good engineering firms to hire.

Have a great day!


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