Prayer 781

The prayer series


Every time I hear the voice of the mother next door teaching her daughter to spell,
I feel a little discomfort.

The daughter is about 7 years old.
Her mom teaches her how to spell.
Most of the time, the mother is annoyed because her daughter can’t remember how to spell.
I think the little girl is a dyslexic,
a person who has dyslexia, a mental issue causing difficulties in learning.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability
and occurs in all areas of the world.
It affects 3–7% of the population;
however, up to 20% of the general population may have some degree of symptoms. (wikipedia).

So schools in VN need to know about dyslexia.
Teachers in VN need to see which students are dyslexic.
Schools and teachers need to help students who have dyslexia
because the purpose of school is that no one is left behind.

Every child needs to go to school
and needs the support to be able to study well.

Please bless our little dyslexic brothers and sisters
and the future of our country.



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