Daily English Discussion–Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi everyone,

Today we have a nice article on my favorite town Nha Trang. I have mentioned once I used to live in Nha Trang when in primary school and in 6th and 7th grade in Võ Tánh (now Lý Tự Trọng). My heart is still in Nha Trang. I have never lost that love.

Cool cascades

Nha Trang on the central coast is famous for the island-strewn Nha Trang Bay with its diverse marine park around Mun Island and Southeast Asia’s longest cable car (3,320 m) over the sea.

Less well known are the many babbling brooks close by, particularly in Dien Khanh District, 10 kilometers south of Nha Trang.

The pick of the bunch would have to be Do Brook, also called Nuoc Do (Pouring water), which flows through Phuoc Trach Village at the western end of the Hoang Nguu Range.

The water streams down from high up to form a good-sized pool on the mountainside from which two creeks turn and twist their way down to one large pool apiece.

All three pools have white sandy bottoms and are surrounded by boulders and small cliffs sharing the space with green grass and trees.

The locals like to relate the myth of a huge eaglewood tree that grew there and emitted an instantly recognizable fragrance that permeated the area.

Oddly enough, any would-be timber thief who got close to the tree became oblivious to the perfume and assumed they’d made a mistake. Thus did the tree protect itself and its precious timber.

It didn’t hurt that there were two large snakes living among the boughs as a second line of defense.

The local deity is called Thien Y A Na and is much revered by the local inhabitants. In days of yore, she would often stop by Do Brook to rest and enjoy the cool breeze.

Three peals of thunder always heralded her approach. She arrived in true spirit fashion, as a long and broad patch of blue light like a strip of silk that flew from

Nui Chua Island or Ba Island and gently touched down.

Her temple can be found a little way below one of the lower pools.

The cascading waters of Do Brook are great for swimming and skylarking, and the fresh air and lovely scenery make it an ideal picnic spot.

Reported by Diem Thu

Do you live in Nha Trang? If not, have you ever been in Nha Trang? In any event, how do feel about Nha Trang?


Chị Huệ has the lyrics of five songs by Elaine Paige. Please translate any of them into English.

That’s it for today. Have a wonderful day, everyone.


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