Học bổng và tài trợ


Officially licensed as a community based not-for-profit organization, under VUSTA, the /LIN Center for Community Development/ seeks to promote community alliances and identify community resources that can improve access to opportunities for people living in and around HCMC. At the heart of LIN’s establishment was the belief that local people and local groups are best placed to recognize and respond to the needs of our community.

LIN offers donors, including individuals and businesses, a way in which to engage constructively and support local needs while providing a transparent mechanism through which their contributions can be tracked and monitored. Simultaneously, LIN supports grassroots not-for-profit organizations in their efforts to effectively manage resources and provide programs and services to disadvantaged groups in our community.

LIN’s core services include grantmaking, capacity building, research and information sharing.


The /LIN// Center for Community Development/ is seeking a high caliber candidate for the position of Community Liaison. This person will serve as the link between local community leaders, including those representing for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector organizations.

LIN is a new organization, with a small team that is supported by part-time volunteers. As such, the Community Liaison will hold many varied responsibilities including the coordination of skilled volunteers and responding to general inquiries about LIN from the public. He/she will help to implement the communications strategy and ensure an ongoing positive profile for the organization.


The primary roles and responsibilities of the Community Liaison include:

* Build and maintain good relationships with the not-for-profit community in HCMC.
* Update existing information and prepare new reports for each of our not-for-profit partners, focusing specifically on their requests for technical and/or financial support.
* Supplement and update a list of organizations and associations operating in and around Ho Chi Minh City serving the community and/or disadvantaged groups through not-for-profit activities.
* Build and maintain good relationships with Volunteers recruited by LIN through regular contact and communication. Organize events and reach out to Volunteers on a regular basis.
* Monitor and evaluate the Volunteer-NPO relationship (via outcomesvand evaluation of satisfaction surveys completed by each partner).
* Manage and update a database of skilled Volunteers and local service providers.
* Review related news coverage and collect articles on community development, philanthropy and humanitarian programs run by local groups, organizations or civic associations.
* Develop relationships with local press and journalists covering philanthropic programs, charitable programs and/or corporate social responsibility.

Administrative Duties:

* Maintain clear records and submit reports on project work and expenditures.
* Contribute to the project pipeline on a monthly basis (including internal and external activities).
* Translate documents, as needed, or supervise translation by volunteers.
* Update the website with news, events and other information.
* Support with other tasks, as needed, such as day-to-day office management, answering phones, etc.


* University degree in social work, community development, communications, journalism, marketing or a relevant field. An advanced degree is preferable.
* Some experience with public relations work.
* Project management experience (problem solving, analytical, planning and organization skills)
* Experience in working with not-for-profit organization, development organization and/or INGO
* Ability to network and communicate effectively with community leaders, including representatives of government, business and civil society.
* Good computer skills and experience with blogging and social networking a plus! (Yahoo Plus, Facebook, Caravat, Cyvee).
* Experience with and enthusiasm for community development and social work issues.
* Fluency in Vietnamese and good communication in English.
* Flexibility and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
* Honest, ethical, pro-active and results-oriented


* Familiarity with HCMC – The successful candidate will have lived in Ho Chi Minh City for a minimum of four years.
* Availability – The applicant will be able to start working as early as the end of August.


Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume/CV by email to:

LIN Center for Community Development
Tel: 08-3824-6091

The closing date for applications is 14 August 2009.

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. LIN is an Equal Opportunity Employer – we give an equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of age, religion, race or gender. For more information about LIN, please visit our website: www.LINvn.org.