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VOA Special English world news

Special English report: Are People Who Speak More Than One Language Smarter?

Everyday conversation: Let’s Learn English Level 2 Lesson 3: He Said – She Said

Everyday grammar: Use of “Well”

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  1. 1. News
    – Palestinians marched in the West Bank Tuesday. They were protesting the recent change in the United States government’s policy on Jewish settlements.
    Người Palestine tuần hành ở Bờ Tây hôm thứ ba. Họ phản đối sự thay đổi gần đây trong chính sách của chính phủ Hoa Kỳ về các khu định cư của người Do Thái
    – The bodies of 16 people arrive in Vietnam. They were among the 39 people found dead on a cargo truck in Britain last month.
    16 thi thể đã được đưa về Việt Nam. Họ nằm trong số 39 nạn nhân đã tử vong trong một chiếc xe tải chở hàng ở Anh vào tháng trước.
    – Albania marks a day of mourning for victims of the earthquake on Tuesday. In the town of Durres, rescuers pull a 19-year-old survivor from the wreckage.
    Albania dành một ngày để tang cho các nạn nhân của trận động đất vào thứ ba. Tại thị trấn Durres, lực lượng cứu hộ cứu được một người sống sót 19 tuổi ra khỏi đống đổ nát.
    – And in Hong Kong, police reported finding no pro-democracy protesters on the ground on the city’s Polytechnic University.
    Và tại Hồng Kông, cảnh sát thông báo không tìm thấy người biểu tình ủng hộ đảng dân chủ tại Đại học Polytechnic.

    2. Daily conversation
    Grammar about past perfect
    There exists 2 things in the past, you can use past perfect for the first thing.
    My mother had promised she would buy this toy on my birthday.

    Take turns: thay phiên nhau

    3. Special English report: Are People Who Speak More Than One Language Smarter?
    It is fairly interesting!
    The latest evidence shows that being bilingual doesn’t necessarily make people smarter. But researcher Ellen Bialystok says it probably does make you better at certain skills such as controlling attention, separating a word from its meaning and having friends from different cultures.

    4. Grammar
    3 using way of “well”
    (1) to express mild disapproval or disagreement
    Ex: I can’t believe I missed the bus! Now I’m definitely going to be late.
    Well, I told you that the bus comes at 8 am sharp every morning.
    (2) To begin a story or explanation or continue to one that was interrupted
    Ex: Remember that house I was going to rent?
    Well, when we went to look at the place, people were already living there!
    (3) Something has ended to make a final statement
    Well, I’d better be going now.

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