Minuet in G major

Dear brothers and sisters,

I like wordless music. Wordless world tells me many things. So many feelings.

For example Minuet in G major. A joyful and bright melody. I see a couple. The couple in love. They’re dancing an old dance. They both dance and bow. Slow and graceful.

She wears a princess dress. The simple and classical dress. Every time she turns round, her dress looks like a flower. So pretty.

When I heard Minuet in G major, I didn’t know what the word “minuet” meant. Then I googled “minuet”. Oh, “minuet” means “a slow graceful dance in ³/₄ time characterized by forward balancing, bowing, and toe pointing… The dance was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.” (Merriam webster) Interesting!

Enjoy and have a lovely day.



Bach – Minuet in G major

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