Prayer 522

The prayer series


Let’s clean my dresser.

Begin with the second drawer.

This dress is nice.
Roll it and put it into a small pocket.

This dress, I can’t use anymore.
Throw away.

This shirt can’t be used, too.
Although its nacre buttons are nice,
throw away.

I like Danshari style.
Danshari is a Japanese word,
referring to minimalist living.
I’m living simply.
So I’ll only keep essential things.

If I have my own house,
the house will be small and
has very very very few things.
Less is more, right Jesus?…

This is áo dài.
I’ll wear áo dài at my younger brother’s wedding.

I think brocade is fit for important events.
Perhaps I’ll go to a tailor shop and order a brocade áo dài.
But what colour?
Dark navy or light skin color?…

The first time my dresser is so neat.
I’ve never thought about this before.

Stop here today.
Let’s rest, Jesus.



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