Prayer 445

The prayer series


I feel sad.
Let’s go shopping.

You said to your followers,
“You unbelieving and perverse generation,
how long shall I stay with you?”*

Preaching only 3 years,
you said like that,
you felt like that.
What about me?
How long will you let me live?

30 years?

70 years?
Oh my God!

Combretum indicum are beautiful.
I love these flowers.

Clothes today don’t look good.
Let’s eat.

Let’s buy bánh tráng and eat at home.

The wind is cool.
The wind seems to fondle my cheeks.
Are you comforting me?
Are you blowing my sadness away?

I want to cry.
But I can’t.
My sadness is too tiny to cry.
But I want to be comforted.
I want to feel your love.

You’ve really listened to my heart.
You’ve turned my sadness into joy.
You’ve filled my mind with your hope.

My lip is smiling.
My heart is dancing.
My eyes are looking at you.
And my soul is praising you, my dear.

I love you, Jesus.



* Matthew 17:17

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