Ban nhạc ĐCN – Liên khúc A Child Is Born và Joy to the World

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Đây là clip Ban nhạc ĐCN chơi Christmas Party. Thu Hằng ca sĩ, Quỳnh Linh organ, Thu Hương trống Jazz, Bảo Ngọc trống Conga và hát phụ họa, Hướng Phương rhythm guitar, Di Dân lead guitar, Thanh Sơn bass, Thiều Linh camera và khán giả lắc phụ họa.

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Đời an lạc

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Đêm mai (thứ năm, 24/12) là Đêm Giáng Sinh. Mừng ngày Chúa Giêsu ra đời. Giêsu được xem là Bình An hay Vua Bình An (Prince of Peace) và ngày Giáng Sinh được xem là Ngày Bình An.

Nhưng có lẽ chúng ta không nên chỉ có một Ngày Bình An trong cả năm, mà mỗi ngày nên là Ngày Bình An, Ngày Tình Yêu. Mỗi ngày sống với tình yêu và bình an. Đọc tiếp Đời an lạc

Proposed Feed-in-Tariff reduction could “seriously damage” growth of wind power in Vietnam

Vietnam might lose position of leading SE wind market: GWEC

Global Wind Energy Council

  • New proposed Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) extension by Vietnamese government would reduce tariffs for onshore and intertidal wind power by 17.4 per cent and 13.6 per cent respectively, one of the most dramatic reductions seen for wind power globally.
  • According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), this FIT reduction threatens to deter investment and derail the long-term growth of wind power in Vietnam.
  • GWEC welcomes a FIT extension to compensate for permitting and COVID-19-related delays, which collectively will cause Vietnam to miss its 800 MW of wind power capacity target by 41 per cent.
  • GWEC, representing the global wind industry, recommends a minimum 6-month extension to the current FIT, followed by milder reductions to the FIT from May 2022 onwards.

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Facebook and YouTube accused of complicity in Vietnam repression

The Guardian

Amnesty report accuses sites of openly signalling they will bow to authoritarian regimes

A person using Facebook at a cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam,

A person using Facebook at a cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam, last month. Photograph: Kham/ReutersRebecca Ratcliffe South-east Asia correspondentTue 1 Dec 2020 00.01 GMT

Facebook and YouTube are complicit in “censorship and repression on an industrial scale” in Vietnam, according to a report by Amnesty International that accuses the platforms of openly signalling that they are willing to bow to the wishes of authoritarian regimes.

Facebook’s executives have repeatedly promoted the platform as a bastion of “free expression”, but in Vietnam, where there is little tolerance for dissent, the company complied with hundreds of requests to censor content earlier this year. This includes peaceful criticism of the state by activists, which is protected under international human rights law.

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