Prayer 706

The prayer series


Secular education  may help us master knowledge,
but cannot help us master our heart.
Moreover, when we master knowledge,
when we have many people know us for our knowledge ,
we  may easily become arrogant.

You are the lowly qualified carpenter. (Mark 6:3)
You are a rabbi (John 1:38),
who has no place to lay your head (Matthew 8:20).

Your people expect that you are their military King
but you are nothing.

You are nothing.
And you touch the dirtiest people and things.
Tax collectors, a Samaritan woman, your disciples’ feet…
(Matthew 9:9-13,  John 4:4–26, John 13)

You say I can ask you whatever.
So please keep my heart still always.

With the still heart you give me,
I’m humble in heart,
I’m the friend of you and of all people.

I love you, Jesus.



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