Prayer 142

The prayer series


Would you want some rice for this breakfast?
I haven’t got rice for a long time (I feel so), I miss it.
It’s good to eat a little rice today.

Sit down on the floor, please, it’s cool.
This morning has the gentle sunshine and wind.
Lovely summer day.

Are you playing đàn tính? (1)
And singing the Like mountain birds song?
My favorite song.
I listen to it daily.

you play the song very well.
And I love your performance.
You sit on the floor, at the kitchen door and in front of me.
I’m having breakfast and you’re playing music for me.
You’re very kind to me.

do you think the song should be listened when we do nothing?
Yes, only listen to it.

Could you play the Rice drum song?
with đàn nhị (2), guitar, harp and hang? (3)
The fresh and funny sounds.
You’re playing the Rice drum song while I’m eating rice,
so nice.
And I feel like a queen.

A good morning.

You are great, Jesus.
I love you.




  1. Đàn tính: gourd flute
  2. Đàn nhị: a two-string fiddle, đàn cò.
  3. Hang: a steel percussion instrument from Germany

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