Prayer 44

The prayer series


Would you want to work with me?

Firstly, we go to to read trà đàm and articles.
Then we glance over our emails.

Would you want to listen to Nhạc xanh?

Let’s work.

…You think I should open this link?…
…You think this issue is important?…
…Do you think I should select this issue?…

You know,
the chair at my right hand is always yours.
Every time I turn my head to the right,
I always see you.
You are there
and make me feel peaceful.
You make my work days perfect.

Thank you for working with me.



Một suy nghĩ 2 thoughts on “Prayer 44”

  1. Thu Huong, I have never worked with our Father all time. Sometimes, at the beginning, I hold his arm, but gradually I lose it. Maybe, I lack of focus on him. So, when I read your prayer, I feel interesting. Our Father is always there and makes our day peaceful 🙂

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