Prayer 40

The prayer series


It’s time for snack,
what would you like to eat?

The day before  yesterday, we ate bún mắm and bánh tráng đập.
Yesterday, we ate gỏi bánh tráng
and drank guava juice mixed with two other kinds of  juice.
This afternoon, would we eat a loaf of bread,
a tiramisu, and drink ambarella juice?

Oh, the coffee shops near our house close today,
we can’t drink fruit juice,
so would we go to market and buy a glass of chè?
Would you like chè mung bean with tapioca pearls?
I like it,
so tasty.

Let’s eat.

These things are very good, aren’t they?

So beautiful,
a little rain and a little cold.
Do you see the dracaena fragrans in the front of our yard
waving to us?
Very cute
and romantic,
would you think so?

I like eating
and I like to eat good foods.
Would you help me be always slender?
I like to be beautiful
and healthy.
Would you help me practice martial art daily?
Would you play my opponent and attack me?
I think I need to move faster,
so I need to eat more.

You promise me that you’ll keep me always slender, don’t you?
I believe in you.

You know,
I like this lyric
“Call the sunlight on the shoulder of a slender girl”.
The girl in the lyric looks like a muse,
would you think so?
This is the White summer (Hạ trắng) song of Trinh Cong Son…

At snack time we often eat a little,
like a cupcake and a glass of milk tea,
but I’m often hungry lately
so you have to eat more with me.
We eat more but you remember to help me be always your slender muse.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.



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