Vietnam Young Leadership Award 2012


Dear friends and colleagues,

Vietnam Education International Development, Professor David Reingold and I will introduce this Scholarship Program in Hanoi and HCMC this weekend. Please kindly circulate to potential candidates. Thank you.

Best regards,

Tran Ngoc Anh


Director, Vietnam Initiative

Assistant Professor, SPEA, Indiana University
Phone: (812) 325-5627; Emai:


Vietnam Young Leader Awards 2012
VYLA Brochure




The Vietnam Young Leader Awards (VYLA) is a full scholarship program to support outstanding government employees and researchers in obtaining a Master/PhD in Public Affairs at a world-leading public policy school. This annual program is co-sponsored by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, and the United States’ Indiana University Bloomington. This program provides analytical and managerial skills to excel and lead in all branches of government. For more information, please visit In 2012, up to 18 government employees will be granted these highly selective awards.


Following the agreement on this joint scholarship, Vietnam International Education Development and Indiana University will introduce VYLA to potential candidates at the following locations. You can register for one of these meeting by sending an email to letting us know your name, affiliated organization, and the location you will attend.



Date and time


Hanoi 27 August, 2011


Fuji A, 2nd floor, Nikko Hotel,

84 Tran Nhan Tong St.

TP HCM 28 August, 2011


Da Lat 1&2, 2nd floor, Hotel Equatorial

242 Tran Binh Trong St., District 5

Online 2 September, 2011


Add “” to your Yahoo Messenger Contacts; request it to add you in its contacts.

A.      Selection Criteria

i)        Ability to contribute to the Vietnamese society after the award period

ii)       Professional achievements and academic ability, including English proficiency

iii)     Applicants for the PhD program need to have high quantitative GRE and significant research experience

B.      Eligibility

i)        Be a current employee of the government (who receives a salary from the government budget) and have at least 12 months of working experience for the government by September 2012. If you are a công chức, the requirement is 3-5 years of working experience

ii)       Meet general requirements for Vietnamese Government’s scholarships

iii)     Commit to continuing to work for the Vietnamese Government upon completion of the award.

C.      Timeline

i)        01/10/2011: Preliminary Application deadline (submit by email)

ii)       15/10/2011: Announcement of interviewees (by email and phone)

iii)     01/11/2011: Announcement of finalists; Start of the formal admission process with MOET and IU.

iv)     15/08/2012: Start of Master or PhD Program in Public Affairs

D.      Preliminary Application Checklist

i)        Application form, personal statement (see next page) and resume

ii)       Scanned diplomas and transcripts of previous education programs

iii)     Evidence of English proficiency (Good TOEFL or IELTS significantly strengthens applications)

iv)     Other optional documents (in Vietnamese or English) that may strengthen the application, such as:

(a)    Letters of recommendation of supervisors or someone that know the applicant’s ability well

(b)   Evidence of academic or professional achievements

E.       Preliminary Application Submission

i)        This preliminary application should be emailed to by 01/10/2011.

ii)       This application should be in pdf form and less than 5MB. Supporting documents should be scanned and included in the application

iii)     After the preliminary selection is completed, only selected candidates are required to submit the formal application, notarized documents and an official letter of approval from the current government employer.



Please type information into this form and send it with scanned supporting documents
to  in a single email by 01/10/2011



Personal details


Last name: First Names: Date of Birth:
Phone: Email: TOEFL or IELTS score:
Current Employment


Position: Start date:
Tasks and responsibilities:







Total number of months working for the Vietnamese Government by September 2011:
Past employment history (please attach a full resume)


Start date

End date




Education record (please attach a scanned copy of academic transcripts/results)


Start year

End year




Ave. Grade






I declare that the information supplied on this form and the information given in support of my application is correct and complete. I acknowledge VIED reserves the right to seek from other relevant bodies’ verification of this information.


Applicant signature:   Date:  



Personal Statement (less than 500 words) to address the following three questions

1- What are your main professional strengths?

2- What are your professional goals and plan?

3- How would VYLA benefit you?





















































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