Love Others

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated into English by Hồ Kính Đạt

Hi everyone,

Speaking of love, we oftentimes think of it as a one-sided action. We lend someone a helping hand, give someone a present and want nothing in return. It is true! However, the outcome of a humane deed is always reciprocal – that is, the recipient is happy, but it is also the giver who derives joy from performing such an action. Therefore, the truth is that when we give, we get something in return instantly.

"Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The nature of positive action is like that – the gratification you get from spending a hundred dollars on a shirt cannot be compared to the satisfaction derived from giving a beggar just a few bucks. Positive action generates positive energy that keeps us in a constant state of peacefulness, cheerfulness and healthiness.

Besides, loving people helps us to be more sensitive to others’ needs, thus makes us a better leader. The greater love you have for others, the more heightened sensitivity you will develop for yourself, and so will your leadership skills.

When we love others, naturally we bring some positive energy to the people around us. A laughter, a greeting nod, a question about the other’s well-being, an admiring look…  these things give people so much positive energy without losing any energy from our part, but quite on the contrary, we receive a bountiful supply of positive energy in our heart. This is the wonder of positive energy – you can give as much as you want without worrying about exhausting your resource, not to mention that you are also on the receiving end while doing this.

(Negative energy doesn’t have this power – you can feel exhausted after a quarrel with just one person. You channel your negative energy to argue with the other person, thus draining all the energy from you. Furthermore, you can be the victim of negative energy so powerful to the extent that it can suffocate you and be a hindrance to your activities.)

Therefore, when it comes to our view about the people around us, a humane and loving outlook can be a great boon to our body, our spirit and our wisdom. This is the art of successful living, not merely the business of nuns and monks.

Wish you all a day replete with compassion!



The original Vietnamese version is here

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