English Discussion–Mr. Minister, please go out and visit the Road of Misery

Dear everyone,
MP Nguyễn Thị Hoa asked Minister of Construction Ho Nghia Dung to visit the Misery Road (highway 32), with so many miseries for people. I love the question.

It is interesting that the Minister couldn’t answer “Ma’am I have visited it already.” Wonder if the Minister has ever been out to look at the road. The place for the Minister is not really in the office all day.

Here is the news.

Have a great day!


‘Xin bộ trưởng đến thăm con đường đau khổ’

“2-3 năm nữa quốc lộ 32 mới xong, dân đi lại rất cực. Nhiều xe chở trứng, đậu phụ bị đổ, nhìn rất thương tâm. Xin bộ trưởng hãy đi thăm”, đại biểu Nguyễn Thị Hoa đề nghị trong phiên chất vấn ông Hồ Nghĩa Dũng tại Ủy ban Thường vụ Quốc hội, sáng 14/8.

One thought on “English Discussion–Mr. Minister, please go out and visit the Road of Misery”

  1. Dear anh Hoanh,
    The roadwork projects are delayed due to many reasons. Administrative formalities in VN are too complicated. To build a road, they face to financing procedures, clearance, price up of material. On the other hand, people who have land inside the road project ask compensation with high price. (As you know, Hanoi has the highest price road in the world – Kim Lien – O Cho Dua road due to the compensation). It takes long time for authorities to negotiate with them on the compensation. Hanoi needed more land for roads so The city has been considerably enlarged compared with before. But I think it is more difficult for the city do build roads due to the former Hatay land’s price is much higher.
    When roads are built. They may be dug many times by other organizations for fixing cable, water pipe in the ground that causes traffic jam, many accidents for passers and waste. I have seen this problem for many years, since I was a child. Until now, nothing is changed.
    Can all problems above be solved? It can be if all levels of government do determined to do their best. Integrating into world economy forces Vietnam considerably reforming administrative in areas related to business but there are a lot of work to do with other internal matters.

    Số lượt thích

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