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  1. 1. Special English: Education report

    There exists some useful information for me as below
    – Just knowing how to write five-paragraph essay is not going to be enough for college students who has to write a longer academic paper. The formula is too simple to deal with subjects that require deeper thought and investigation.
    – What are the qualities that make up good writing? There are no simple answers. There is no formulas that student can follow to guarantee a well-written paper. We try to teach student to do in college is to listen to their ideas and that the idea should be able to tell you what form it needs to take
    – In American, students are usually expected to state thesis at the beginning of a paper. Some students organize their paragraphs to build toward the main idea at the end.
    – Some students usually use lots of descriptive words. American professors generally want shorter sentences.

    2. Grammar : “But”
    – “But” usually appears at the beginning of sentence and indicated disagreement.
    In this way, “But” is stronger and more forceful than usual.
    A: Wow, Nice shoes!
    B: But yesterday, you said that you disliked it.

    – You can start a sentence with an agreeable word like Yeah to reduce the force of your statement.
    A: Wow, Nice shoes!
    B: Yeah, but yesterday you said that you disliked it.

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