Áo dài’s beauty

Dear brothers and sisters,

I love áo dài. Áo dài is beautiful.

1. To me, áo dài’s beauty is in the collar, especially a high upright collar. The high upright collar helps a lady’s back straight. A straight back makes a beautiful posture. And a beautiful posture makes the lady beautiful.

A high upright collar

A high upright collar often makes a lady who feels hot in summer. I agree. So áo dài at schools should have a 2-4 cm collar (a high collar is often 5-7 cm).

2. Áo dài’s beauty is in buttons. There are two kinds of buttons: snap button, and hook and eye. Buttons are placed along the right shoulder and side. About 12 snaps and 2 hooks and eyes for 1 áo dài.

A snap button
Hooks and eyes

When wearing áo dài with snap buttons and hooks and eyes, the lady often put it on slowly. If that is áo dài with a zipper (which the Vietnamese call fermeture, a French word), she can put it on so quickly.

Because of the slow dressing style, I love áo dài. I feel like I enjoy my life when wearing áo dài. What a wonderful day! And when a person enjoys life, he/ she is beautiful.

However I sometimes felt bothered. That is when I was a high school student and I was late for class.

3. Áo dài’s beauty is in covering an entire body without exposing the underwear. You know, a thing you can’t see clearly is the thing you feel beautiful. 🙂

These are three things I love about áo dài. Three things make up áo dài’s beauty. Three things make a lady beautiful in áo dài.

Have a nice day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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