The peddler girl from Sa Pa who made it big

VNE – October 9, 2018 | 01:22 pm GMT+7

She was named by Forbes Vietnam as one of the 30 most influential under-thirty in the country.

Tan Thi Shu was born in 1986 in a poor H’Mong family in Sa Pa, a beautiful mountainous town in the northern province of Lao Cai.

Her family was in fact so poor it could only afford one meal a day. She started working at the age of 12, selling brocade fabric. A year later, like most of her peers, she became a peddler in Sa Pa.

Her mind was always teeming with unanswered questions: “Why are my parents so poor? Why am I different from the rest? Why can’t I go to school and have the same opportunities as others? Wherever I go, I can’t find anyone else who looks like me…”.

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