English Discussion–Say “I love you for…” how long?

Hi everyone,
When we’re in love, we say, “I love you forever, I love you till eternity…” like the BFF sign that everyone has been translating in the friendship songs.

But chị Đông Vy and anh Phạm Công Luận say today “Hãy nói yêu thôi, đừng nói yêu mãi mãi!”

Hah! What do you say to that?

Imagine, you tell your girl/boy friend: “I love you,” and s/he asks, “Forever?”

How do you answer that? “Uhm… Not sure, can’t tell what may happen tomorrow” ?

Good luck saying bye-bye!

So, what do you say about all this?

Have fun 🙂


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  1. Nice topic 🙂

    Imagine, you tell your girl/boy friend: “I love you,” and s/he asks, “Forever?”
    If I have to answer, I will say: “I will love you until I can’t go on with our love any more. I know there will be times I want to give up but I will keep this love as long as possible. And I won’t let it go easily. Right now, you just need to know that i love you so much :* ”

    Actually, there’s nothing that lasts forever in this world. There is also nothing like eternity. To me, everything depends on people. And people are changing. You know 🙂


  2. It’s really hard to answer…this kind of question. I can’t say forever, ’cause future is still a mystery. But the answer of Quynh Thu Do is quite impressive… yeah… I will love you until I can’t go on with our love anymore…


  3. I really like this topic because I did think about it and wrote some notes similar to it before. I think it had better if we honestly accept that love by itself can not last forever. Thus, each partner should try their best to find their own way to maintain and renew it. (renew love, not lover. :)).
    But how? That is the question.

    I never expect you will love me forever
    But would like to experience my whole life with you in love!
    I will find the way to fall in love with you again every minute
    But never say I will love you forever!


  4. Dear CACC,

    This is a great topic.

    When we say “I love you forever”, we mean that eternity is now and now the time seems like forever 🙂

    “Hãy nói yêu thôi, đừng nói yêu mãi mãi!” is a beautiful soft-spoken sentence from a girl, who has fear that his heart may change, and gently reminds him about that. She means she is well pleased with the love that unites her and him now, and dares not letting the forever condition be a distraction. However, spelling it out in subtle fear, she expresses her stronger love and compassion for him, and be the first to raise the hope that their love will endure across seasons.

    The nature of love risk reminds me of the song “As time goes by” in the movie Casablanca. Everything was changing so fast in Casablanca that nobody knew what would happen overnight. But love would abide.

    “Forever?” A very difficult question. She is having a very strong feeling and any saying that creates a condition would implies doubt towards her. And an absolute answer “Yes” would not be truthful either and maybe naive if you know “Hãy nói yêu thôi, đừng nói yêu mãi mãi!”. I think an answer like “I love you and hope that life and tides will keep us together forever” would be a good and honest one. Still, it may not satisfy her. 😦

    Cheers, what a hard topic,



  5. Dear CACC/ hnguyen
    Yeah. This is great topic
    Yesterday, i quarreled with my lover for the same topic. Thanks to @hnguyen because Your words make me wake up. It’s right that when you say “I love you” only to your GF that isnt enough for her. But she really loves so that why she has this fear. Future is mystery that nothing is last forever. we must overcome it. That’s it.


  6. Dear CACC.
    i really like this topic. sometimes i think about it by myself. yeah, noone can answer exactly. “hay noi yeu thoi, dung noi yeu mai mai “. yes, i understand this sentence. so i never force my lover saying this word -“forever” !


  7. Great Chouchou! Probably “forever” is too long in some cases. 🙂

    But, on the other hand, good relationship needs commitment and work, to survive tough time.

    Relationship is like a plant in a pot; we need to give it light and water every day.

    So when in love, we need loyalty and the willingness to work together to build the relationship. Otherwise no relationship will survive. 🙂

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