Learning Bible

Dear brothers and sisters,

What is learning Bible?

How to learn Bible?

Learning Bible is learning about Jesus. Learning Bible is the focus on Jesus. The goal is to understand Jesus’ heart.

Many people learning Bible without this goal, so they don’t understand Jesus.

Many people learning Bible without the focus on Jesus, without the focus on Jesus’ thinking, Jesus’ feeling, Jesus’ wishing… They only focus on the reflection of their own thinking, feeling, and knowledge… while they read the words. They only focus on themselves, so they don’t know Jesus and do not understand Jesus.

Learning Bible is to understand Jesus’ heart – understanding Jesus’ thinking, feeling, and wishing…

For what?

For Heaven’s eyes – so we can look at our life through Heaven’s eyes. 

For what?

For the true rest and true happiness in our soul.

Learn Bible with the wish of understanding Jesus’ heart. Then Jesus’ holy spirit will lead you into Jesus’ heart, the eternal source of peace and happiness for our soul.

Have a love day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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