Dear brothers and sisters,

I like this song – Once. The song is in the film When I was the most beautiful, the 2020 South Korean romance melodrama film. The film tells the story of a female ceramic artist who falls in love with two brothers.

At first, I listened to the song because of So Hyang. I like the voice of So Hyang (born April 5, 1978). Then, after watching the film, I like the song because I like the film.

The most thing I like in the film is the scene around the school. The film tells the love story that begins at a high school. The high school is in a beautiful countryside. Do you know, when I see a way to school in the film, I say to myself: “Wow, I love it. I want to open a university at a countryside with a lotus lake, old big trees, green pastures with yellow wild flowers… Yes, I really want to open universities at beautiful rural areas. People in rural areas won’t have to go too far to get to the city for university…”

University education for all people. All people are the rich and the poor, men and women, boys and girls, smart persons and not too smart persons… All people can go to university. That is my dream.

And now, enjoy the song.

Have a good day.

Thu Hương


[M/V] So Hyang (소향) – Once |   OST Part 2 (내가 가장 예뻤을 때 OST 2부)

Một bình luận về “Once”

  1. Ban nay dang dua voi lua ! ( dung dua voi tinh yeu )
    Bai viet cua Hương , uoc muon cua Hương , chan thanh cham den
    trai tim bao nhieu nguoi Viet yeu thuong que huong , dat nuoc , dong bao than thuong .


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