Bản Tango Por una Cabeza

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Por una Cabeza là một bản nhạc tango với phần nhạc của Carlos Gardel và phần lời của Alfredo Le Pera, viết vào năm 1935.

Por una Cabeza là cụm từ tiếng Tây Ban Nha, về đua ngựa, nghĩa là “by a head” – “bằng cái đầu”, ý nói chú ngựa đua chiến thắng được trong cuộc đua sít sao là nhờ chiều dài cái đầu của ngựa. Lời bài hát nói về một tay cá cược đua ngựa so sánh chứng nghiện ngựa với khả năng thu hút phụ nữ của mình. Đọc tiếp Bản Tango Por una Cabeza

Germany to send 1st warship through South China Sea in nearly 2 decades

Taiwan News

German frigate’s forthcoming transit comes as Western allies step up ‘freedom of navigation’ passages in disputed sea

German Sachsen-class frigate the Hamburg (Bundeswehr photo)

German Sachsen-class frigate the Hamburg (Bundeswehr photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A German frigate will traverse the South China Sea this summer for the first time since 2002, German officials confirmed Tuesday (March 1).

Officials in the country’s defense and foreign ministries told Reuters that the frigate, scheduled to embark on a trip to Asia in August, will traverse the South China Sea on the return leg of its journey.

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Golden Globes: Jane Fonda receives Cecil B. DeMille Award

01 Mar 2021, 13:55 GMT+10

[TĐH: Jane Fonda was an anti-Vietnam-War activist]

Washington [US], March 1 (ANI): At this year’s Golden Globes, American actor Jane Fonda received the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award.

According to Variety, the honour recognises Fonda’s illustrious career in film, one that saw her top the box office and cement her name in movie history by starring in such classics as ‘Klute,’ ‘The China Syndrome’ and ‘9 to 5.’More recently, Fonda has appeared in the Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie’ as well as ‘Book Club’ and ‘Youth.’ The 83-year-old star’s other films include ‘The Electric Horseman,’ ‘Barefoot in the Park,’ ‘Coming Home, and ‘Julia.’One of her biggest commercial successes was the 1982 release of her first exercise video, ‘Jane Fonda’s Workout,’ which went on to sell 17 million copies and spawned several follow-ups.

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