Foolish love

Dear brothers and sisters,

The clip below is a song in the film When the camellia blooms. The film is a 2019 South Korean romantic comedy and thriller. A wonderful film.

The film tells the love story between a single mom and the young man who loves her.

Dong Baek (her name means a camellia) is an orphan and a single mom. She doesn’t have a husband but she has a son, so she raises her son in difficulties, especially when living in a place full of prejudice as a single woman with a child. However she remains tender, optimistic and nice to people.

Then she meets a man who is younger than her. He loves her with all his young heart. He is a superb police officer but to her, he looks like a cute puppy, always following behind her. He makes her happy. And from that day the camellia blooms…

The film makes me cry, smile and want to meet my cute puppy.

When I was twenty something, I love men who are better than me. He must be cool and smart. He must be a good leader who loves volunteer activities…

When I was thirty something, I need a man who loves me more than himself. He can be a superman to people, but to me, he should look like a cute puppy always following me…

This is a song in the film When the camellia blooms. Today I watch again the song, the clip touches me.

Enjoy and have a love day.



Dong Baek, played by Gong Hyo Jin.
Yong Sik, played by Kang Ha Neul.

[M/V] John Park(존박) – Foolish Love(이상한 사람) – OST PART 1

John Park – Foolish Love (Han/Rom/Eng)

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