Prayer 598

The prayer series


Should I keep my long hair or cut my hair short?

(About one week later)

would you like to cut my hair?

Two years ago you did very well.
You cut my hair by the hands of a haidresser.
My hair was so pretty.
I love it.
So will you cut and style my hair today?

Shampooing with you is comfortable.
I like to hold your hand on the hair wash chair.

I can feel you are cutting my hair.

Please tell the hairdresser to focus on my hair.

I can feel you are styling my hair.
You don’t hurt me.
So good.

Perhaps we should go to a hair salon every month.

Oh my God!
Do you think this is a nice haircut?
I’m not sure.

Many people seem to be like my hair.

Will we go to a hair salon next week?

I love you.



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