Prayer 482

The prayer series


Summer 2020 will have protests, I think.

June 2018, protests against new economic zones.
May 2016, protests against mass fish deaths.
May 2014, protests against HD-981 oil rig.

All protests are against China.

The first protest against China was in 2007.
Then protests were in 2011, 2012 and
every 2 years, 2014, 2016 and 2018.

All protests are against China.

But protests in 2016 and 2018 were not really against China.
These protests were against Vietnam government.
Exactly, protests against Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP).

And protests in 2020 perhaps will be protests against VCP.

Protests in 2020 perhaps will be led by young leaders.
Young, enthusiastic and foolish.
As protests in 2016 and 2018.

They’re fool
because they don’t know they’re reading fake news.
They’re smart
but they don’t know how fake news is so smart
and people that stand behind fake news are so smart.

this is a war.
The war between ignorance and knowledge.
Our people have to win the war.
Do you think so?

Please bless us.



Một suy nghĩ 3 thoughts on “Prayer 482”

  1. Dear Thu Huong,
    I wrote this prayer about 2 months ago, before the protests took place in June.
    And I think more and more protests will happen in the future.
    “PRAYER 10
    Dear God,
    Sometimes I think about my country’s future. I’m not sure communism is good or not.
    I usually see blue-collar workers work hard to make ends meet. They don’t have lots of opportunities to study or even to relax. They live in very small rooms for rent. Their children are not allowed to study at public schools.
    The environment is not good at all.
    Traffic is overcrowded in big cities such as HCMC and Hà Nội. Thousands of people die every year in traffic accidents.
    Human rights in Vietnam including freedom of speech and freedom of the press are still being argued.
    Please awaken the leaders of our country someday.
    Thank you”


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