Prayer 21

The prayer series


Please renew my heart.
Clean it.
And use that pure heart for all your will.

In all your will, I wish you remember to our country.
Help our country.
And help the earth.

May you protect the Mekong river,
bring sediment and floating season back to Mekong Delta.

May you develop clean energy,
reduce carbon dioxide CO2 and increase oxygen O2.

May you help the US-Vietnam relationship be tighter and more durable everyday.

May you help minority students go to school fully
and give them good jobs.

May you help gender equality.

May you manage the water and sanitation systems.

May you protect our forests and all creatures in the forests.

May you develop arts and culture.

May you help our youth withstand the life storms,
help them master English and start their life journey.

May you protect and help the migrants.

May you protect the national security of each country and keep the peace for the world…

Thank you, Jesus.


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