Thank you, Sapa!

Sapa corner

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters!

I hope you guys are doing well.

Today is a brand new day, and my heart is full of gratitude for Sapa.

I’m grateful for Sapa’s fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and temperate climate. Thanks to Sapa, we can breathe fresh air every day, and enjoy cool summers with a pleasant temperature.


I’m grateful for Sapa’s six ethic groups, including the Hmong, Dao, Giay, Tay, Xa Pho, and Kinh. Sapa is a multicultural town. Even though we have different cultures, we all live in harmony and always support one another.


I’m grateful that Sapa has good conditions for tourism development. Sapa is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. This is the chance to bring more job opportunities to the disadvantaged people in Sapa.

I’d love to say a big thank you to Sapa for everything. May Sapa continue to grow in a sustainable way in the future.

Have a grateful day!

With gratitude,
An An

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