Villagers benefit from reviving natural farming practices

vietnamnews – Update: August, 25/2019 – 08:56

by Bùi Hoài Nam

Tourists visit an organic garden in Thanh Đông Village in Hội An. The farm has become a favourite site for educational trips and tourists as well as a source of safe food for local residents. VNS Photo Chu Mạnh Trinh

A group of farmers in Thanh Đông Village, nestled in the busy suburban tourist destination of Hội An’s Cẩm Thanh Commune, have transformed their land into a healthy organic garden and a favourite rendezvous for nature lovers by moving away from their prolonged use of pesticides and fertiliser.

It was one of the first villages in the suburbs of Hội An that completely stopped using chemical-based nutrients and protective substances, setting the stage for the development of a unique organic agricultural destination.

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