Prayer 383

The prayer series


You are a worker.
You create me in Your image.
I’m a worker, too.

You’re working until now.
I’m working, too.

Working heartily.
Giving myself fully to Your work.
Doing all things without grumbling or questioning.
Doing my best to present myself to you as one approved,
the worker who is created in Your image.



Một suy nghĩ 5 thoughts on “Prayer 383”

    Dear God, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Bodhisattvas, Saints of the universe (of the worlds).
    The little beautiful girl is the daughter of my relatives. She is only 5 or 6 years old.
    She’s got a malignant tumour in her brain, maybe it’s a kind of brain cancer.
    The tumour compresses the optic nerve and motor neurons.
    Now some parts of her legs and arms are paralysed. She cannot walk by herself without helping.
    Doctors at Cho Ray hospital and Oncology hospital said that: “it’s too late to have an operation, bring her home so she has some more months to live.”
    You guys know her situation very well. I cannot do anything to help her. Please help her make a full recovery, please help her parents calm down.
    Because you love her, love me, love all beings.
    Love you.

    Số lượt thích

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