Prayer 342

The prayer series


You are the poor young man,
the lowly qualified carpenter,
the person who eats and drinks with sinners…
If I don’t know you are God before,
I’ll make friend with you or not?

Jesus, I’m fearful.

I am afraid when I become the rich,
having many qualifications,
having much power,
having many people know me,
I may not walk faithfully with you.

Please lead me not into temptation,
but deliver me from evil.*

Money, power, fame, knowledge,…
are your gifts.
If you don’t give these gifts,
I’m blessed.
If you give me these gifts,
I’m blessed.

You say I can ask you whatever.
So please keep my heart still always.
I want to be the righteous
although you give me whatever I ask for.

With the still heart you give me,
the wisdom of the righteous follows,
I’m humble of heart,
I’m the friend of you and of all people.

I love you, Jesus.



* The Lord’s prayer

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