Prayer 225

The prayer series


I had not known sin…
but when the commandment came,
sin revived, and I died.”*

The commandment is the law.
The law does not remove our sin
but only is used to judge if we have sin or not.
So the law only makes people die.

If I use the law to judge my sisters and brothers,
I’ll make them die with their sin.

please help me live and not condemn people.
Help me live with all things as your one and only family.



* Romans 7:7-13 (KJV)

Một suy nghĩ 4 thoughts on “Prayer 225”

  1. Hi Hương,

    I can’t thank you enough.

    These day is really hard for me. I know that I have used the law to judge my husband and I’m making him die with it, however, I can’t escape the thought of it and still doing it. Maybe, it is my sin…

    And, to day, I see your gift. I re-read your prayer. My heart is full of peace. And I know that is God’s Love to me. Maybe, God tell me the way to solve my problem.

    Thank you and have a nice day Hương nhé 🙂


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