Prayer 27

The prayer series


Your birthday is coming soon.
Your birthday reminds me of your presence on earth.

You have been in the minds of the Jews and their neighbors at least 4.000 years ago.
But until 2.000 years later,
you came in Jesus’s form
to teach people how to reconnect to God,
after Adam and Eva had lost connection to God.

And you only taught within three years.

The three years of teaching and the thirty-three years of living in Jesus’ form
were the tiny time
that compares with your infinite existence.

This is to say that
to have the three short years of teaching,
you had to wait for a long time,
until people were ready to learn.

In the meantime,
you also were in many prophets’ forms
to help people
prepare themselves for the day to learn better with you.

You have been showing the patient love to us as such.

Thank you, Jesus.



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